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Of Beachbody coaches and professional dog trainers.

Today I am snowed in. Like yesterday. And I start feeling some cabin fever. And since I am like this, I started looking at Facebook. I know, I have decided to let it be for a while, kind of a “cleansing period”. But there is just so much I can do when I am bored and stuck inside.

On Facebook, I came across two disturbing “commercials”. One from a Beachbody coach, advertised on the Agility Canada group (or another agility group). I think. The other from a dog trainer offering a professional dog training program.

Call it cabin fever, but I could just not prevent myself from commenting on the Beachbody coach post. I asked what were her credentials. I wanted to know whether she was a physiotherapist, an osteopath,a kinesiologist, a rehab therapist, a vet, a physician, etc.  What is she? Apart from some sort of financial consultant (yeah, totally related eh?!). Because without any real training in any of the above, I seriously doubt she could help any dog or any handler without risking to actually do more damage than help. Unless, of course, she only wanted to encourage people and offer moral support. However, that was not stated anywhere in her post.

Interestingly, the whole thing is gone. And she messaged me going on and on about the fact that Beachbody coaches do not need to have any formal training (which I know) and that I should have not offended her publicly. I am blown away by the fact that asking for someone’s credentials and stating that as a Beachbody coach she does not need any, is now taken as an offense. Really? What, am I just supposed to praise her for her endeavours and not ask polite, yet to the point, questions?

So, obviously without any relevant background as my questions “offended”her, just because one day she decided to add some extra income and to become a Beachbody coach, she can now “help design a workout”.

Encouragement, metal support, maybe. But designing a workout?! That is potentially a dangerous thing to do without any idea what one is actually doing.

I have a personal trainer who has studied kinesiology, exercise science, functional movement, and is working his ass off to stay in business in a world where anyone can go out there and profess to be whatever and people will just go for it. This is great, just great.

But hey, one must not ask what their background is because they will remove your comment and message you privately telling you that you offended them and embarrassed yourself? I do not think so!! I do not feel embarrassed in the least. If asking a simple question can cause this reaction, perhaps this person knows that she is not qualified to do what she is doing, even if legally perhaps she can do so.

But, let’s move to another favourite topic of today. Professional dog trainers. This is such a ludicrous title in Canada where there are no rules/regulations pertaining dog training.

I am not a professional dog trainer. Simply because I do not train dogs as a profession. But I could easily be one in Canada. As I said, this profession is, in Canada, non regulated. Which means that anyone can go out there, and say he/she is a professional dog trainer, and start teaching other people how to train their dogs in pretty much everything. Like the much criticized Cesar Millan.

Of course there are established dog schools, established meaning that they have been around for several years, that offer what they call “certification programs”. But, as the industry is not regulated, those certification programs can, again, be set up by pretty much anyone claiming to be a professional dog trainer. They only need people to believe in them and be willing to pay quite a bit of $$ to get a certificate that legally is worth nothing. It will just mean that they have gone to this “school”, taken whatever classes the “professional dog trainer” has deemed necessary for them to get the certificate, and passed whatever test he/she decided on with whatever passing score he/she has set.

Mind you, some dog trainers have lots of experience and are really good. And their certification programs may be excellent. What I want to say is that it is a jungle out there. And one has to be careful and “shop” well before registering in any of these types of programs.

A perspective professional dog trainer could go above and beyond this, and go to university, to earn a degree as Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist  (C.A.B.B.).Becoming a C.A.B.B. requires a Masters of Science in Ethology, Psychology or Applied Animal Behaviour plus an apprenticeship under an Animal Behaviour Society certified animal behaviourist plus peer reviewed behavioural research.  A  C.A.B.B. has nothing to do with being a “canine behaviourist” or “dog psychologist”. Because these two, exactly like the “professional trainer”, have no legal requirements in Canada. I could just go out and start professing to be a “canine behaviourist”. After all I have dealt with my dog’s “issues” for 5 years now.

I do not know anyone in the dog world here in the Ottawa/Gatineau area who is a C.A.A.B.

And this is why when I see people going off promoting their certification program I wonder…it is funny because some of them list in their resume that they are certified pet dog trainers! Certified by whom?! Others promote their certification program saying it is “fully accredited”. By whom?!! The industry is not regulated in Canada!!!

And what should I say about those people who list their title next to their name, e.g. “Ms Trainer, PhD”? I do have a Ph.D., perhaps if I wrote it on Facebook next to my name people would ask me to train their dogs, even if my Ph.D. has nothing to do with dogs! Sure. Why not. Those 3 letters look so cool after all.

I could go on and on about this, and add the canine nutritionists to this, but I made a hole in my snow bank just big enough for my car to go through. So I am getting dressed and bringing my two dogs to run in the snow.



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  1. December 30, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    awesome blog!! Beachbody coaches should NEVER offer to design workouts, they are not trained to do so, unless they also happen to be a personal trainer, physio, kinesio etc… as you mentioned. Some are but most are not. Beachbody coaches are cheerleaders, they are there to motivate and morally support people in their journey. It gives all beachbody coaches a bad name when some do that unfortunately. People ask me sometimes to design for them a meal plan. I can’t, I’m not a nutritionist. I can give advice on what is better to eat, how to shop for healthy foods but never design a personalized meal plan for someone.

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