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Last agility trial of the year.

And agility year 2013 ended for Krypto and me last week-end at Absolute Agility (AARF).

I had entered only four events, two masters standard, one masters jumpers and one masters snooker, but I ended up adding two masters gamblers at the very last minute, the morning of the trial, since we were going to stay there the whole day anyways…

I have been repeating to myself over and over that when I am at a trial, I have to note, even if succinctly, what goes wrong, and also what goes well, so that I can use it to plan our next training session. Well, hopefully next year it will happen…

Masters Standard (3) and Masters Gamblers (2)

Masters Standard 3 and Masters Gambler 2

Masters Standard 3 and Masters Gambler 2

Since I did not note what happened in Masters Standard 3, I have no recollection of what went wrong. I remember we knocked a bar, but I bet we also had an off course. But where?!!! Bad bad me!!!

Masters Gamblers 2 was one of those gambles that you go and give it your best shot, but you know they are going to be hard for your dog to manage. I think we had a beautiful opening, tyre-dog walk-tunnel-tunnel-spread-complete 3 obstacle mini-jump-tunnel-spread-complete 3 obstacle mini-seesaw (?!) then the buzzer went off and we tackled the odd/difficult gamble. The first two obstacles were multidirectional. So we did: dog on right, jump 2 going towards the S-F line, threadle between jump 2 and jump 1, jump 1 going towards the weaves, weaves. Up to then everything went splendidly! I am veyr very happy with the threadle, my timing was good, and Krypto’s response to my commands and his weave entry were perfect. Then I sent him to jump 4 through the space between the weaves and jump 1. Krypto never saw jump 4. As Scorch and other fast dogs … Oh well. It was a beautiful run!

Masters Snooker (1) and Masters Standard (4)

Masters Snooker 1 and Masters Standard 4

Masters Snooker 1 and Masters Standard 4

On Sunday Krypto and I were 3 Master Snookers Q away from his Masters Snooker Dog of Canada (MSDC). I went in the field and walked the course with a plan in mind. That plan was not what is written on the map above, and is not what we run. The original plan was to do the red jump below the S-F line, then 6a-6b, red marked 2 in the map, then seesaw, then red marked 4 in the map, 6b-6a, then bring Krypto to 2 for the closing. I was, however, very concerned about having to then do the 6a-6b combo in the closing, because going from the seesaw to 6a, as written, for the closing, was not going to be easy for us. As I was watching other teams run (we were very far down the running order), I decided that I “had” to change my plan. And so I did. What we ran, and I did not walk, is written down on the map above. Doing four 6 in the opening allowed me to complete the closing only up to the seesaw, and not needing to get to 6a as written on the map. And we nailed it! Funny think is, we could have done 6a, Krypto actually came through from the seesaw, following my “me-me-me” command, and I was leading him to do a “round” (back of the jump) with dog on right, when the buzzer went off. We got 42 points and our second Masters Snookers Q!!!! Two down, two to go!!!!

And then came Masters Standard 4. Three times into a straight tunnel!!! How on earth was I supposed to manage that and get down to 11-12 to help Krypto with a nasty weave entry since he is a wide jumper (for now, we are working on that!)? I led out from the middle of the tunnel, between tunnel and A-frame. I started repeating “left” as soon as Krypto had his head in the tunnel, and he came out to the left (well, I was also on his left, that was easy πŸ™‚ Β ), and did the A-frame as expected. Meanwhile I was moving up, I told him “left-tunnel” which worked perfectly, then I flicked/pushed him to the tire, “8-8-8” to the jump, then “tuneel-tunnel-tunnel” and when he came out of the tunnel I had moved diagonally towards the centre of the field. Then I said “jump-left-go-la-la-la” and he breezed through 9-10-11. As expected he turned left a bit wide at 11, thus he missed the weave entry and that was it. nQ. However, we kept going. I put him back in the weaves, then seesaw, then it was supposed to be “jump-left-weave” but my mouth said “jum-right” and of course he went into the chute. No big deal, we had already lost our chance to qualify. So I put him back into jump 14 and I said “jump-left-weave-right-right-right” and he executed if perfectly, then “out-jump” for 17, which Krypto nailed like a pro, steering towards the jump since he had curved towards me when in the chute. I was at about 80 horizontal/50 vertical. The rest was a breeze.

I am so very proud of this run. Krypto managed incredibly well the first 11 obstacles, had a glitch and missed the weave entry, and then if I had blurted the correct instruction, he would have definitely finished the course breezing through the whole thing, thus with only a weave issue. I never would have thought we could do this!!! I am so so happy!! This was definitely the highlight of the day for me.

Masters Gamblers (3) and Masters Jumpers (2)

Masters Gablers 3 and Masters Jumpers 2

Masters Gablers 3 and Masters Jumpers 2

Then it was time of another gamblers run. This time we did not have a pretty opening. We did the mini twice (notice, the judge moved B to the easier opening of the tunnel), which was a no brainer, then I played a bit at the weaves/chute, we did the A-frame and something else I forgot (again, bad bad me for not taking notes), then the buzzer went off. The only problem with this gamble was the time, and flipping the dog onto the dog walk. Krypto’s “jump right” worked as expected and we nailed the gamble and earned another Master Gamblers Q.

If is funny how people kept congratulating me for this run, which was really nothing special. We got only 36 points in the opening because I played around with things, and the closing was good, but for us is usually easy. I think our Snooker and Standard 4 runs were much much better. Or even Gamblers 2. But hey, I’ll take the compliment!

And last, but not least, we attempted a jumpers run. On Sunday we need 4 Masters Jumpers Q for our title (Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada). Today we still need 4!!!!

Again a straight tunnel, twice, in jumpers run! It was going to be a fast run for sure! I led out on the right of the tunnel, mid way. Everything went smoothly until I found myself above jump 9 when Krypto took jump 8. I was supposed to be below. That was the way I had walked it. I could not blurt out any directionals since I had not walked and learnt them for that particular spot!!! And despite my attempts at calling Krypto, he went for the dummy jump as if he had already decided…After that we continued nicely until we reached the very tight part 16-17-18…I do not remember what went wrong, but everything fell apart and we had an off course…Definitely that spot was very tight for us, and I need to work on handling in tight spaces…So, no matter what I had done previously during this run, we would have ineluctably failed somewhere between 16 and 19…

To sum it up, six runs, two Qs. But one that counts a lot us (the snookers), and a great (to me) standard run that made me smile the whole day.

I am very happy with what we have accomplished this year…let’s see what the next bring us!


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  1. November 29, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    He’s doing great! You too πŸ™‚ I love the picture of Super Krypto.

    • November 29, 2013 at 4:51 pm

      Thank you Helen πŸ™‚

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