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Winter training dilemma.

Winter has arrived and our favourite place to play agility is closed until next May. Unfortunately, Red Gate Arena, our favourite indoor facility to do agility, closed in March of this year, and there aren’t many alternatives around. Either I do not like the footing, or the size, or both…Perhaps I am picky, but I have started considering taking a break from the sport/activity I like the most, and not train until next Spring/meltdown.

As one of my friends told me, dogs do not forget. True. It’s just that I always end up with new challenges being presented to us at each trial we go to, and I would like to work on those challenges asap. I also worry about the Regionals coming up in June and having had barely a month to get ready for the big event…

Perhaps something I have been planning with a friend will work out and we will go off to train for a few hours a couple of times a month. That would actually be awesome. And, our other training activities will be limited to a couple of fun matches (January and April), ball exercises, tricks and similar stuff, and we will play frisbee and go for long walks…



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