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Rosanne DeMascio workshop

On Saturday and Sunday Krypto and I went to a couple of agility workshops organized by the Ottawa Valley Border Collie Club: Masters Handling and International Handling. Our instructor was international handler Rosanne DeMascio.

At first I did not want to attend. I did not know what Krypto and I could do at those workshops, considering that I do not run much and that we use, if not a unique, a rare handling style. As a friend of us put it, I handle Krypto “remotely”. Then my instructor and a friend convinced me to go. Their arguments were that there is always something to learn at a workshop, and that a good instructor would adapt to my limitations and give me feedback no matter what.

They were both right. We had a great time at both workshops and we came home with tips and ideas on how to improve our handling and our partnership to succeed in negotiating even international agility courses. This is a video of the two of us at the workshops:

The past two afternoons, spent with Krypto at this agility workshop, made me realize how lucky I am to have him as an agility partner. When we run an agility course, I am usually far away and cannot help him with his weave entries, discriminations and so on apart from giving him a verbal cue. He can very seldom rely on deceleration cues, feet pointing to the “future” and so on, because I am not there. Sure, he has been trained for this, but he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders, I believe more than a dog with a handler who can be there for his dog. He takes this responsibility quite seriously, one would think he knew. He works always giving me all what he has, he is always happy and very businesslike. He is a workaholic!  Sometimes I think that with a different handler the sky would be his limit. But…he has me 🙂  He does not care though, he is a happy dog whether we compete locally, play at a fun match, go for a walk or watch TV, and I am grateful I chose him almost three years ago, to come home with me and Pongo.

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