Long time no see…

It has been a long time since I sat at the computer to write a blog entry. Not that I do not sit at the computer. I even bought a nice laptop stand at Ikea so that I have my computer next to me when I relax watching TV…Still, it takes some commitment and discipline to write a blog post.

So there we go, what have we been up to lately?



On the training front, Krypto and I have been working a lot on the tight wraps (cik/cap) which for us are “la-la-la” (wrap left) and “de-de-de” (wrap right). Since I am not guiding him but I handle at a distance, it has taken quite a bit of time to acquire them so that we can go and try them in a trial. Also, we were working on the “round-round-round” (back of the jump) at the same time, and Krypto got a bit confused at times. I think that we are ready to try the three of them at a fun match to begin with, and the next step will be a trial.

Our classes with Janet are very inspiring, and I always come home with a few things to try and a deeper understanding of my own training issues and how they affect our performance as a team.

On the trial front, after the June 27th Masters Trial, we did a few more. We managed to get some Qs we had been seeking for a while, especially a couple of Advanced Snookers Qs. We had lots of fun at a trial away from home, in Kingston (ON) and we came home with quite a loot (4 Qs out of 5 runs) (see video below) There we also experimented a hotel for the very first time, and things look promising for when we will go to the Quebec Regionals next year. We also did another Masters trial here in Ottawa, at More Dogz, and that is when I decided that we were going to step back for a while and work on our skills before going to another Masters trial…It’s a long story, but I finally realized that I better stop, fix things, and then go back more confident, than keep hoping to have a good day just because…You can’t really do it when you handle “remotely” as one of our friends defined our way of doing agility.

One new thing we are working on is the “easy” or collection/slow down cue. I definitely need to teach that, and this has been our biggest issue since we made it to Masters. Since I do not run with him, Krypto cannot know from my body language (e.g. a deceleration) that we are going to change direction and he needs to slow down, for example. First attempts to teach this cue were unsuccessful, but I think I finally found our way around this difficulty. I inserted a collection jump grind in a speed circle, and I started using the cue “easy” when Krypto was approaching the collection grid. It seems to be working. Now I need to keep working on this until the new cue sinks in. Things are looking up…but this is yet another cue I need to articulate in the 30 seconds of an agility run…oh well….I better start doing tongue twisters 🙂

  1. August 17, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Always something to work on, but you two have made tremendous progress and I have no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more progress still. Just look have far you’ve come already in so little time!

  2. August 19, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    Beautiful contacts and weaves. You guys are doing awesome!

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