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From the agility training front:

I had to change the cue for “wrap left” because when repeated several times, “si” was too similar to “seesaw”. I am now using “la”. I think with two musical notes (in French and Italian), I can start a theme and keep going through the whole scale.

The cue for “stay out and do not take the obstacle in your line of sight until I name your next obstacle/tell you so” is “by”. Like going by something. Easy to remember and easy to say. The first attempts at teaching “by” seemed to go brilliantly, but I soon discovered that it was due to my position relative to those obstacles. I have since stopped training this particular skill and I have been focusing on the “de”-“la” tight wraps.

Yesterday I realized that both Krypto and I were totalled, pooped out, tired of training and we stopped midway through our session and went dock diving. Today we did only some wraps in the backyard and went for a walk but nothing more. Tomorrow is our class and I want both of us to be happy and peppy, so we are taking it easy.


Our last trial was very tough. Well, I knew beforehand as I knew who had designed the courses, however the fact that I could not be where I needed to hit me big time.

These were the courses we ran:



In Masters Standard 1 we had an issue with the pin wheel 3-4-5. I was handling it from slightly below 5-3, and Krypto blasted off to the weaves after 4. I think I was late in calling his name and I totally disregarded the fact that the weaves were in his line of sight, convinced that he should not need me to call him for a pin wheel. Bad bad bad!  I managed to get him back, but he took the back of 4… And there my run was over, so I went into “training in the ring” mode. From there I remained roughly at the middle point of the see saw, between 6 and 10, sent him successfully to 7 and tunnel 8, and got a beautiful serp 9-10-11 using rights and lefts. Great weave entry. I remained near tunnel entry 15 and sent him to 13-14, got to pick him up at the chute exit and sent him to tunnel 15. 16-17 went fine, but when I picked him up using a front cross to go to the DW 18, he jumped back on 17. I think I need to work on some “close to me” handling. Then 19-20 he turned after the tunnel to see where I was, despite my “go go go”. Again something to work on.

I was very very happy of 5-17.

Masters Standard 2 was another story. The DW in the middle was not really helping…So, in this one I led out to 2, and up to the completion of the DW everything went fine. However instead of rear crossing between 4 and 5, I remained on the left of the DW. So when I released Krypto from his 2on 2off he went up to the tunnel. I managed to get him back down with no off courses and into the weaves. Again I made the mistake of staying up between the DW and the entry to the poles, while I should have moved so as to have the entry to the poles on my right to help him get into 7. Despite a “left” command, which I am even wondering whether it was appropriate, Krypto got back into the weaves…I should look on the bright side and think of using this in gamblers (I have not taught him to get back into an obstacle, it just happened). After that, I got him back on track, sent him to 7-10 and while staying near the tunnel, roughly in between 10 and 13, I told him “right” and he nailed 11-13 like a pro. His contact held up all the time as well. Then I was too far for 14-16. My plan was to use “left” to go from 14-15 and “right-chute” to do 15-16. I thought he would turn right after 15, but since I was down, he turned towards me. So I sent him in the middle between 14-15 to the chute. He knows how to find the chute entry, but I have to be careful because I always risk him back-jumping. And in fact I think (my memory is a bit blurred now!) he took 15. Of course I used all my time and we did that passage again to get it right. Then 17-18 was not easy because he was going full speed ahead, but we managed, and then 19-20 was ok.

I guess I should look on the bright side and think that he nailed his weave entries, kept all his contact like a pro, and had fun with me.

Dock diving

That was fun! On Saturday afternoon we went to Avalon Ranch in Renfrew for Open Dock. Krypto got to dive many many times and we had a blast. I am even wondering whether he likes dock diving more than agility since he broke his sit-stay twice, while he very very seldom does in agility!!

I think our best dive was about 16-17 feet, looking at it from up on the dock. So I may be wrong. Krypto could do much better if he had a better handles, as I suck at tossing and here the toy is an important part of directing the dive of the dog so as to gain more air. Oh well…


Pongo was with us at agility practices and at dock diving. However, he only got to play chuck it and frisbee since he does not know how to dock dive and he is not allowed on Open Dock. Regardless, he was happy to play frisbee with me while Krypto was resting from his diving, and had a great time hanging out and playing.

Last Tuesday Pongo also got to run a regional course with Sue P. She was carrying his frisbee and Pongo was jumping like a pro. He was fast and he was happy! Gotta do it again.

And this is all for now… 🙂

  1. July 6, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    I’m sure the dock diving break was just what you guys needed. Beckett I’m sure likes frisbee just a touch more than agility.

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