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Latest on the agility front

All of a sudden I have realized that I haven’t posted anything is a long long time! Let me fix this right away. Lots has happened since my last post.

First things first, on May 7th I had permission to drive and move my new piece of equipment, my right hip, whichever way I like…of course if I can manage it! So off we have been, Krypto, Pongo and I, to the agility field to both walk along the nice paths of the property, and to train a bit – after all Krypto does all the work, I just direct from afar. What a blast! Of course I am not overdoing it. I am still on sick leave (one last week) and sitting for over one hour really hurts. My muscles are still recovering, and my thigh is still very slightly swollen. Nothing compared to what I went through the first weeks after the surgery though.

Since then Krypto has participated in two agility trials, where I handled it the usual way, from far, using verbal cues. We managed to get our last Advanced Standard Q and to move up to Masters in that class. And at the second trial we nailed also a Masters Standard course.


We have also started going to agility class. We had stopped taking classes when Krypto was about 8-9 months old, and since then I have been training him on my own. However I felt like I needed someone to give me a hand reach our full potential. We are, after all, new at this, and we are trying to do something not many people do, distance handling. Luckily after being on a waiting list for over 2 years, a spot opened up and we are now going to Janet for privates once every two week.

Both Krypto and I loved the first class. We ran a jumpers course to see our level, then we worked on wraps and treadles. We are going to put both of them on verbal cues. We also worked on a cue that means “come to me and not take that obstacle”, and we are going to try to figure out how to train “stay out there but do not take the next obstacle in your line”. The latter is going to be tough. We have quite a bit of homework, but it is going quite well. The treadle cue “in” is working like a charm and I am very impressed with Krypto. The cues for the wraps will eventually sink in. I picked “de” for “wrap around right” and “si” for “wrap around left”.

So now I am realizing that when I will walk a course, I will have to memorize many more cues that I have so far.

-“eight” for 180




-“round” for back of the jump

-“si” for wrap left

-“de” for wrap right



-“me” for come to me and do not take the obstacle in front of you

-“???” for stay out and do not take the obstacle in your line of sight

and of course the names of all the obstacles.

Wow! I hope not to get confused!!!

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  1. Lyne
    June 11, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    Kudos to you for attempting this, and I know you’ll succeed. I have trouble to simply remember the course. 🙂

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