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New Tricks and New Activity

A month has passed since I had my hip replacement surgery, and I am still at home, still a couple of weeks before seeing the surgeon and hopefully have the ban from certain movements lifted. I do not walk with a cane anymore, I can do stairs as one normally would, and I can go for walks. However, the other day a bad thought hit me. What if during one of my walks with either Krypto or Pongo something happens (i.e. someone hits me, I slip, trip…) and my hip dislocates? I have a cellphone with me all the time, and I could call 911. But, what would happen to the dog being with me during the walk? Just in case, I decided to not take any risk and not bring them with me during my walks. The boyz stay at home. We are using the backyard as our playground. We play ball, frisbee, we do some agility and Pongo and Krypto run after each other and generally have a blast. Of course it is not the same as going for a romp in a park. Or going for a nice long on leash walk. But…they will have to hold on for another week and a half and then hopefully I will be allowed to drive them around and they we will be able to play and run like maniacs, if they so wish!

So what to do to keep them, and myself, entertained?

Krypto has been working on some tricks that we can do together without me having to bend too much, since it is something I am not allowed to do yet. He has finally ‘clicked” and the sit pretty is working quite nicely with the old command “pretty”. I have no clue why the old command has finally sank in, but I am very happy it works! His circles backwards, both left and right, are getting better and better, and we are now also working on the coffee table trick as seen on the David Letterman “Stupid Pet Tricks” segment a while back .

Today I also came across the Canadian Rally-O web site and I found the rule book with the symbols and explanations of all the stations. And I realised that this is something we can easily work here at home, either inside or in the backyard. Who knows, one of these days we will go to a Rally-O trial…maybe!

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