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Sit Pretty

Krypto and I have been working a lot on tricks. Since I wrote the post on how many tricks he knows, I added a “spin backwards to the left”, and a “spin backwards to the right” to the list, and we are moving forward with the “coffee table” trick that I am also teaching to Pongo.

Weirdly enough, the trick we have been working on te longest, and that Krypto still does not completely master, is the “sit pretty”. I should have probably started this when he was a few months old, as it seems that there are no issues with teaching it and actually it helps developing his hind legs muscles. However, I didn’t. We started maybe when he was one year old. That was a long time ago, and we have been practicing for over one year.

Well…Krypto is just now able to hold the sit pretty, and not 100%. And, I made the big mistake of using the lure for this trick too long, so now without the lure he does not seem to get it. He just sits and looks at me…He needs a minimum of hand movement to cue him to sit pretty. The verbal cue is just disregarded…

So now I have Krypto managing to sit pretty on an arm movement, but not on the cue I had chosen…Ok…let’s just keep using the arm movement and introduce a new cue…but what??!!!!

Ok, I know I can use “apple” or “blue” or anything I feel like. But…what do I feel like??? I may resort to use Italian for this one…why not?!


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