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New hip

It has happened…on March 17th, while I was at LL for a Fannie-Krypto playdate, I received a phone call from the hospital and I got scheduled for surgery on Monday March 25th.

Needless to say I freaked. I am thankful to LL for offering a shoulder to cry on, and to Krypto, who cuddled up with me for a bit while I absorbed the news (I was supposed to get at least 3 weeks of warning).

My friends and I organized everything for Pongo and Krypto, and on Saturday March 23rd off they went to their respective foster home, so to speak. Pongo went to LR and Krypto to LL. I finished cleaning up the house and got ready for “hip day”.

Now, a week and a half after the surgery, I feel great. My only pain is dues to the surgical cut, and is quite minor compared to what I had to go through with my old hip. I stayed in the hospital for two days, the surgery day and the following one, and at noon on Wednesday March 27th I was sent home as I was doing really well. On Tuesday April 2nd I have been upgraded from walker to cane, and yesterday I went for my first little walk outside the house, under the watchful eye of my nurse extraordinaire NL.

While I am at home alone, doing my physiotherapy and recovering, the boyz are enjoying their stay at my friend’s. Krypto is getting lots of attention from LL, he is learning to heel properly since I disregarded this aspect of his training for over a year and his heeling ability have gone from excellent to crappy, to say the least. He is also learning to skateboard, and he has been training in agility as well. This is a video of him having fun at KN agility arena in Mallorytown:

Pongo is enjoying his stay as well, and he has three wonderful companions to play with:

Pongo, Gilligan and Walter 903105_10201031575650207_786144827_o









Watching the video and looking at these photos, taken by LR, I believe that the boyz are much happier than I am…I miss them so and I am looking forward to their return…soon!!

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  1. Lisa
    April 5, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Pongo is an excellent heeling dog! Walter and Lucy could definitely learn a thing or two from him. I hope he hasn’t learned a thing or two from THEM though — woops!!!

  2. April 6, 2013 at 8:22 am

    LOLLL Lisa!!!!!

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