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First trial of the year in Spencerville

Last Saturday Krypto, Pongo and I headed off to Spencerville (ON) to participate in our first agility trial of 2013. The trial was hosted by Absolute Agility. While Pongo came just for the ride, Krypto was entered in 4 events: Advanced Jumpers and Advanced Standard under judge Kathryn Nield, and Masters Gamblers and Masters Steeplechase under judge Lona O’Reilly.

Advanced Jumpers and Advanced Standard

Our morning started off with a very tricky Advanced Jumpers (see course below). I truly believed we had a chance, but I blew it by over-managing Krypto, thus pulling him of obstacles and causing a few penalties for refusals. I don;t remember where I made the mistakes, and I doubt this is really important. What matters is that I brought home an important lesson: trust your dog.


Advanced Jumpers

Advanced Standard

Advanced Standar

So when we went off to run the Advanced Standard, I took a deep breath and trusted Krypto. The Tricky part of the course was 5-6-7-8 because the dogs would face twice a tunnel entry that they should not take. It is unfortunate that I do not have a video of our run, with live audio on, because I did scream “Kry” with all my lungs to prevent Krypto from going into the tunnel instead than taking jump 5. It worked. Not very well since I then had to rescue jump 5. I had called him so strongly that Krypto was coming to me!!! Regardless, it worked just fine. The rest of the course went like a breeze, more or less, and we ended up with as clean run (Q), a 1st place and a total time of 48.81 sec (SCT 64 sec).

Masters Gamblers and Masters Steeplechase

In the afternoon we run the gambler and the steeplechase. Gamblers is our specialty I should say. Since I do not run much Krypto has learnt to work far from me. Of course there are still many things we need to improve even for distance work, but I think this is the class where I go in the field with the highest confidence. However, when I saw the course map, I because a bit worried about being able to send Krypto from jump 1 to tunnel 2, avoiding the dreaded wrong tunnel entry. And then, to be able to sent him to jump 3 and not have him do the dummy jump placed along the gamble line. Luckily Janet run Scorch before us, and she performed a beautiful gamble by telling Scorch over and over “get out” while he was coming out of the tunnel. And…I did the same. We also did the mini gamble twice, and collected a total of 52 points which gave us the highest score of all dogs of 104. We got a Q, 1st place, and Krypto also got his very first masters title: Masters Gambler Dog of Canada!

Masters Gamblers

Masters Gamblers


Krypto MGDC

We then ran the steeplechase. At first I thought of running it “conservatively” and considered moving up towards the A-frame, and then down for the weaves. Then I decided to “live dangerously” and try to direct Krypto by placing myself in the middle of the field, thus layering the weaves and the A-frame. Well…it worked! Ok, there were a coule of glitches that cost us a bit of time, but our run was fun and what a trill! We finished 1st with a time of 30.16 sec (SCT 42 sec) and 5.57 yps. Here is the course map and the video, kindly taken by our friend Cathie:



Overall it was a fabulous week-end. So much learnt, and so much achieved!! Way to go Krypto!!

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  1. February 25, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    Wow!!! Great run! What did you say to the judge just before starting?

  2. February 25, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    I told her that I would be moving along the weaves, more or less where she was placed during the other runs I had seen. I just did not want to bump into the judge 😀

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