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Last trials of the year

Dream Fields week-end trial

On November 10 and 11 Krypto and I went to the last Dream Fields trial of the year. On the Saturday we run the two advanced standards and one advanced jumpers. Unfortunately my head was not all there and I mishandled Krypto in the first standard run, causing us a Q. The course was very nice, designed by Christine Mandy. WHile walking the course I had noticed one possible issue for Krypto and I. There was a pin wheel, but instead of jump-jump-jump, it was jump-chute-jump. I knew I needed to raise my arm to support Krypto after the chute, to tell him go look for the jump and do it. I had walked the course that way, and then I did not do it…and as I had thought, Krypto did not see the jump and came straight to me to the A-Frame. It was a beautiful run nevertheless.

In the second standard we encountered a difficulty we had never trained for: a U tunnel under the A-Frame. The dog had to go in the tunnel then up the A-frame. Krypto went in the tunnel twice. Oh well…We have since been training for this type of combination and I think we will keep working on it, just in case.

In the jumpers run we had a gorgeous opening, I was actually amazed we could do it. Then we met another difficulty that saw us unprepared: two U tunnels side by side. Krypto had to go in the tunnel right in front of him, then I had to guide him in the opening just next to it once he came out. Unfortunately I moved my shoulders and he went right in the wrong entrance, so he did tunnel 14 before tunnel 13…Another thing to work on!!

I had also entered Krypto in the Starters Snooker, but I could not “run” anymore and I asked SM to do it for me. As in many snookers, the run lasted a couple of seconds 🙂

Then the next day we went out and played with the big dogs in Masters. We run two Masters Gamblers and the Steeplechase. I mishandled the first gamble and we did not Q, while we succeeded in the second, and in the Steeplechase. The steeplechase was a thrill! 29 seconds of pure adrenaline! And I fell in love with it!!!

Absolute Agility week-end trial

Two week-ends after Dream Fields, we headed off to Spencerville for the Absolute Agility trial, their last one of the year. On the first day we run Advanced Standard, Advanced Jumpers, Masters Gambler and Steeplechase.

Again no Qs for us in the standard, this time it was the combo U tunnel – dog walk that did the deed. And indeed, it was a problem for every single dog entered, as no one qualified. At first I had thought we could do it, then I realized that our practicing the A-Frame U tunnel combination meant nothing, since the tunnel entrances were now much closer together (see map below).

However, and to my delight, we managed to Q in Advanced Jumpers. And I did not even move that much!

Then we went on to Masters, and we succeeded in both the Masters Gambler and the Steeplechase. And to top it off, we got first place in both of them. What I enjoyed was the unusual main gamble that judge Claude Dionne had designed. We could do obstacles 1 to 4 in any order, as long as we finished the gamble with 5. Krypto and I did 1-4-3-2 and 5.


The next day we were back and we attempted the Starters Snooker. And finally we managed. Krypto was so good at listening, and despite a choppy opening, we came home with our first Snooker Q. And another Masters Gambler! If things keep going like this, we may get our first Masters title before finishing the Starters games!!!!

All in all, two good week-ends…too bad it is over at least until February 🙂

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