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Tuesday at Red Gate Arena

Winter is upon us, Dogz has closed for the Fall/Winter months, and Pongo, Krypto and I are back to training at one of our favourite places, Red Gate Arena.

Considering that next week-end Krypto and I will be busy at Dream Fields, today was our last chance to train before the trial. And Pongo tagged along for some well deserved chuck-it sessions.

To get ready for the trial, we practiced many of the skills we will need, and we also repeated some sequences that caused us issues at Friday’s trial.


Although we just got in Advanced, I am so hoping we will get out of it really quickly, because the table is still one of our weak points. Sure, Krypto will go to it, and even lie down on it, but he will keep his left elbow 1/4 of an inch detached from the table surface. Now, if he had long fur that would be no problem, a judge would hardly notice. But he is a smooth coated border collie, and has no fur to conceal that! We worked hard on this obstacle, and Krypto was doing relatively well by the end of the day, but I still keep my fingers crossed for the trial.

From table to weave poles

What can I say, he was just perfect.


Today Krypto had the A-frame performance I have been hoping for in the past year or so. Fast, no creeping down, perfect 2 on 2 off position. I could then send him to the tunnel in front of him or to the jump farther and slightly on the right, something that did not happen on Friday during our snooker run. He did not stop at the bottom of the A-frame, and went to the tunnel instead of listening to me and going to the red jump.


This was quite a cool thing to do. I started sending him to the chute from different positions (clock). The coolest was when I sent him from past the exit of the chute to it. Krypto nailed it! I would think that he knows what the chute is, and he understands that he has to seek the entry out if I tell him “chute”.

A-frame – tunnel discrimination

Well, this is a work in progress. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. And it all depends on Krypto’s level of arousal and thus on whether he is listening or just doing stuff.

And, dulcis in fundo:


As I said before for the discriminations, if and when Krypto pays attention, he does know left and right. We are not at the point where he takes a jump then turns either left or right to do another jump. Today I added another jump straight  ahead and used also the “go” command as well. So far so good, but I am not sure this would work at a trial, when he is far more excited than in training. I would still think the directionals are a work in progress.

Other things we practiced were:



-rear crosses

-lead outs

Are we ready?

I am afraid that no, we still aren’t ready. We still struggle with the new level of complexity that Advanced and Masters have brought in. While it is relatively simple for Krypto to “go”, follow his lines, we still do not have much experience in tighter courses, where he needs to come off a line to of a pin wheel, for example. And while he can turn on a dime, and he is eager to follow my lead, it is my lead that at times is faltering…my timing is often off, and timing for our team is everything…

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  1. November 6, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    What can I say, I love your comment “from table to weaves”…. 😉

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