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To snooker or not to snooker…

…that is the question.

To be truthful, it is not really “the question”. If I want to keep moving through starters, get into advanced and finally land in masters games, I need to run snookers courses with Krypto.

The problem with snooker is that I have to negotiate courses where the red jumps are often in the outside perimeter , while all the other obstacles are inside. This makes it tough to get where we need to be without Krypto going for what he should not go.

Well, this is the natural progression of the type of training we have been working on since we started playing agility. Krypto knows to keep working his line. So I cannot blame him if after an A-frame he takes the tunnel that is right in front of his nose instead of going to the red jump that is a bit farther ahead, and on the right side. I can just blame my poor training because he should have stopped at the bottom of the A-frame. And my poor handling skills during the trial because I believe I did not make it clear he had to stop down there, as I am sure I forgot to say “target”.

Oh well, last nights was definitely a short lived snookers run, but I am quite proud of our first 4 obstacles, of my strategy, and of Krypto’s overall performance.

I wish, however, that when the whistles goes off, we could still finish our run, without collecting points, just to learn how to go through a whole snookers course. Of the three snookers we have run since we started trialling at the end of May 2012, we managed to work our way through the closing sequence only once. That is definitely not enough to learn how to handle such a fast and eager dog in that type of course. And setting up snookers courses every time we train is not always feasible.

So what is the point of this post? I have no clue! What I know is that last night I decided not only to work more on the skills needed to successfully negotiate a snookers course, but also to seek out every trial that offers a snooker run and is reasonably located, and just go for it. If I learn how to work Krypto in those courses, we do have a chance.

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