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Plans for future training

Yesterday I went to Dogz and trained Krypto with Sue M. And although I knew Krypto and I are only at the beginning and need a lot more training to be able to keep competing in agility, I realized that I need to make up my mind and decide what to do for tight turns.

At first, after a seminar with Janet, I was using “check” to tell Krypto to wrap around a jump and come towards me (treadle). Then watching Silvia Trkman I started thinking that we needed to add directions to that wrap around, and to use it with whichever obstacle is on our path. Then I stopped working on that for a while, started questioning the need of having directions on a wrap around command, then yesterday I realized that due to my lack of mobility, I do need the directional wrap around (so to speak). I need to tech Krypto so that when he hears my chosen command (“si” for “wrap around left” and “de” for “wrap around right”) he realizes that he has to take the obstacle in front of him then wrap around. The command has to come before Krypto is committed to his next obstacle, to allow him to shift position for a tight turn/wrap. So here we go, one thing to work on this Winter.

On a very positive note, the directionals “left” and “right” are starting to sink in! We have been working on this for such a long time that I was loosing confidence in succeeding. Then things started to get into place and now we are at the point where I am trying to generalize the command so that it is not dependent on my position. And I am also starting to remove the “jump” command before the directional. Again, lots of work on this for the Winter months.

And, yesterday, trying a snooker course, I “accidentally” did a blended front cross! Krypto responded so well to it that it amazed me, but then, as Sue M. always reminds me, dogs respond well to smooth, natural body cues. And here we go with something else to work on: blended front crosses and blind crosses. They should help me and Krypto a lot in our runs!

So now off I go to get ready to go to our first fun match of the season + dinner at Red Gate Arena! Can’t wait!!!!

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