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Goodbye Focus! Welcome home CRV!

Ok, the deed is done, and it has nothing to do with Pongo and Krypto.

Last Saturday, once home from our trip to Renfrew to play Dock Diving, my old Focus died again. This time it was the engine cooling fluid that came out of the car in a nice big puddle in my driveway. I was lucky enough not to have problems on my way home from Renfrew. A call to my friend Nathaly made me aware that all the car dealers on Boulevard St Joseph in Hull would be open the next day, and she offered to come with me shopping for a new car.

So off we went, on Sunday morning, to test the Golf Wagon, the Elantra GT and the CRV. First stop was the Hyundai dealer. There I realized that the Elantra GT is smaller than my old Focus. I checked the Tucson, but it is still too small, and I finally decided that the Santa Fe could do. And I test drove it. Nice, smooth drive, but I found the car too chunky. Kinda like a big balloon. We then checked out the CRV, and I fell in love. Perhaps not the biggest car for the money, but Honda has a great reputation, and the car is quite sleek and stylish for a SUV. I did not test drive it right away because at that point I wanted to see the Golf Wagon and test drive only the car that I preferred of the two. The Golf Wagon was quite a disappointment and the trunk, while long enough, appeared much narrower and lower than in the online photos I had seen. No way to fit Krypto’s crate in it. Thus back I went to try the Honda CRV, and the deed was done!

The car came home on Thursday night and yesterday the boyz tested it too. Krypto’s crate fits in the trunk part of the car, while Pongo is loose in the remaining space, with the back seats folded down to protect them. What I like is that I can easily remove the protective covers I put on Pongo’s side and put the seats back up in a couple of minutes. So the dog mobile can become a people mobile in no time at all!

Only problem is that Pongo has a bit of a hard time getting in the car…and I am now shopping around for a ramp.

The old Focus went to “live” with my mechanic, who cannot come up and tell me I sold him a piece of junk…he is the one that kept fixing it in the past few months!!!

I am not welcoming the car payments, life was fun without them, but I am very happy with what I got now, such a change!!

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