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A dock diving Krypto

We finally did it. On September 29th Krypto and I went to try dock diving at Avalon Ranch in Renfrew, Ontario. Krypto had been “ponding” a few times in the summer, but he had never dock dived.

The facility is very nice, lots of room to have the dogs walk, a nice agility field, and a brand new dock diving pool.

Mary, the owner and trainer, told me to first see whether Krypto would jump off the ramp that is next to the dock and is used by the dogs to get back up on the dock after a dive. Since Krypto did not show any hesitation in doing that, we got permission to try the real thing. After the first two odd dives, that did not intimidate Krypto in the least, he started diving pretty well and it became quite clear that he was having lots of fun. I would say that he was as revved up as for an agility run…I guess we will have to take on this new activity next summer!


As comparison, Pongo’s attempt at dock diving from last year at Take the Plunge:


One thing must be said for Pongo’s attempt at Take the Plunge: nobody was there to coach us. We just went for the competition and we had 2 minutes to dive in the pool. The poor dog was very scared and I am very proud of him for eventually jumping in the water. Perhaps next year he will come with me to Avalon Ranch too and we will see if with Mary’s help he can be more comfortable at dock diving.

As for Krypto, of course his diving needs to be perfected, he tends to stop for a fraction of a second just before take off, while Mary told me that he should just keep running off the dock and stretch trying to get to the toy. And of course my poor throwing needs to be perfected as well, but I can practice that in the backyard!

It was fun, and we are both looking forward to next summer to perfect our “style”.

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