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An agility-less week-end, or almost

This is definitely not Krypto’s best Summer. First he had the worn pads issue, then the BCC, and now, thanks to my vet, a broken claw…

It all began on Tuesday, when I went to the vet to have the boyz vaccinated agains the kennel cough since they will soon go to a kennel during my vacation to Nova Scotia. They needed a booster since the kennel wants the intra-nasal vaccine done every six months. Of course they will not simply do the vaccine. To justify the cost of a vet visit, they do a general check-up and also trim the dogs claws. When it was Krypto’s turn, the vet noticed how short his claws were. I should have said that he did not need a nail trim, but I did not say a word. So he got his nailed clipped.

Everything seemed fine until Thursday, when one of his claws got caught in the A-frame. This is, the vet did not probably notice but one of the clipped pieces of that claw did not come off when she cut it, but remained attached to part of the claw. So when it got caught in one of the slats of the A-frame, it tore off completely, taking with it some parts of the claw, peeling off so to speak. Of course it covered the nerve and started bleeding. And of course the vet had also cut so short that even the minimum wear would uncover the nerve and make it bleed…

I tried to put some “new skin” on the claw, but while it is effective to prevent bleeding, it does not withstand Krypto’s wear and tear. Well, the little bugger really uses his claws to propel himself and be as fast as possible. Conclusion: no agility since Thursday afternoon! What a bummer.

I tried to keep Krypto quiet, but it is almost impossible, so today I brought him and Pongo for a run at Dogz. I wrapped his paw so that he would not wear out the claw that is starting to grow back, and I am happy to report that we managed a whole hour without any bleeding signs!

The highlight of my day, apart from the walk at Dogz, was going to ADSC to meet with Janet and get a crash course on how to transition directionals to agility obstacles! I can’t wait to put it in practice!

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