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A trial-less agility filled week

I think I have no life.

This week I spent six out of seven days at Dogz, training Krypto, training Pongo, doing practice runs, a fun match, helping set up things and so on. I was even sorry when I had to leave some of my friends on Saturday morning because I had to be home to connect via Skype with a friend that wanted to show me her baby daughter. Ok, babies are cute, but had she had a new puppy it would have been so much more appealing! I am hopeless!!!

These are the highlights from my week of dog activities:

I had some very interesting conversations with Magda, who made me consider some of Silvia Trkman peculiar agility training methods to teach tight turns or wrap around jump wings.

I contacted Natasha F. and asked her some suggestions about stopped contacts (or 2 on 2 off), and I started working on them after reading her blog (Dream Dogz). I think we are on the right track now.

I trained Krypto with Sue P. and Pat N., and got some suggestions on proofing his weaves.

I went to treibball class with Pongo. Despite the lack of training, Pongo did quite well and he excelled at pushing the ball, although he still needs to learn how to send it straight ahead, or direct it where I tell him.


I helped set up for today’s fun match while Pongo was roaming around with his dog friends, and even had a nice supper with Sue P and Sue M, of course filled of dog training talk.

And today I got to run four courses with Krypto! Two gamblers and two standards. I must say that I was not much into planning a gamblers run, bad bad me, so I just did the minis and the main gamble. We had some issues with weaves in a mini, and also with Krypto being “uber” naughty during his first run. But we managed the main gamble both at the advanced level, and at the masters level once I remembered the course!!

We also had two amazing advanced standard runs. Krypto was fast, forgiving with my mistakes and worked very nicely away from me. However, today’s course confirmed to me that we need to work on collection. He is a dog that works more in extension, and today I needed him to collect before entering the weaves, and in other parts of the course as well. It is true that Krypto’s speed and ability to turn quickly even when he jumps long helps us, but if we had tighter turns our runs would be smoother, there would be less impact on his joints, and we would be faster.

And the answer to this is: “cik and cap” by Silvia Trkman. I have called them “si” for the tight turn to the left and “de” for the tight turn to the right. Burrowing from the Italian “sinistra” for left and “destra” for right. Training is going well. I just need to be patient and not rush things as I have done with contacts…

Oh well…


  1. Lisa
    August 20, 2012 at 7:16 pm

    Hey now, who says having fun and hanging out with friends doesn’t qualify as having a life? I heartily disagree with them, whoever they are! 🙂

    Sure sounds like you’re learning a ton, too, about all kinds of things. Very neat!

  2. August 20, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    Thanks Lisa 🙂
    BTW, the Silvia Trkman stuff is sooo cool. I wish I had started Krypto as a puppy, but it is never too late!

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