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3 out of 4 at the ADSC evening trial

Last Friday my legs were sore, my hips hurt a bit, my knee could have been better off, but as crazy as it may seem, it was all worth it, because on Thursday at the ADSC evening trial I had such a blast I am not sure I can put it in words.

First of all, I headed out there, in North Gower, near Ottawa, not even sure whether Krypto and I would be able to participate or not, since his pads were still very soft. Then I put on them a liquid bandage, to create a new layer that would protect the skin, and crossed my fingers.

The measuring went well, although Krypto is more and more borderline…I will need to shave him and put him on a diet when he reaches 24 months, or we risk having to jump 26 inches…

Starters Standard 1

Well, nothing much to say…Krypto was the first dog on the line, I led out all the way to the end of the dog walk, he was fast although cautions doing his contacts, but I do not blame him, considering his soft pads. He missed the weave entry, but I believe this is a training issue, we need more distractions, and more speed, during training. Apart from that, Krypto was fabulous, and earned one Q, first place and best run. He was the fasted dog of all the participants, despite having to re-do the weaves!

Starters Standard 2

did not go as the first one. Krypto popped out the weaves and I was not quick enough at calling him back to repeat the obstacle. Since he is trained to go to the next obstacle, he did it, and took jump 13…so no Q for us. Oh well, perhaps it is better this way. This would have been our title Q, and we are not ready to move up to advanced standard.

Starters Jumpers 1

What can I say. We were fast, we were clean. Beautiful rear cross between tunnel 7 and jump 8. Great layering skills. I just stood below tunnel 7 and then ran (yes, ran!) down to the last tunnel to direct him to the last jump and to avoid him taking the tire! Amazing Krypto! Another Q, 1st place and best run! And we moved up to Advanced Jumpers.

Starters Jumpers 2

This was a fun run. I did not need it and I was somewhat more relaxed. Sue dared me to just stand in the middle, but I decided to move laterally a bit. I started in the middle, more or less near tunnel 8. And directed Krypto from there, moving laterally a bit towards the tire during the layering phase of the run, then down with him for the last few jumps. Funny part is that I told the judge where to stand since she wanted to be where I wanted to position myself! And, Krypto demonstrated to me that she knows what a jump and a tunnel are. just before he went into tunnel 8, I said jump. He hesitated, like asking me “what? I see only a tunnel!”. Good boy Kryp!! He was smoking fast again. 18.78 seconds (SCT 38 seconds). Again Q, first place, best run. Again he was the fastest of all the dogs competing!

What a trill! What a night. I was so high on adrenaline that I could barely sit on my chair waiting for the next run! And I even ran (a bit!).


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  1. July 23, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    Hat’s off to you! You train your dog well, and he is totally focused on you! Congratulations! You’re doing good my friend.

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