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Of ants and pads

Last Wednesday afternoon I discovered that a bunch of ant were having a walk along the window frame in my basement bedroom window. They were frantic, and they were lots. Then I noticed that between the screen and the glass of the window there were oodles of small winged ants as well. Off I went to get my very chemical ant killer, and I sprayed and killed the beasts. Then I sealed all the holes I could see with caulk, and used tape to seal the small opening along the perimeter of the screen/window frame. Then I went outside and noticed that the bloody beasts were also outside the window, same types, in very large numbers. So I stayed them as well, and I sprayed all the perimeter out there. I kept checking the basement room and no alive ants appeared up to the next day, when I came home from work to find them on the top left corner of the window frame, and in between the folds of my venetian blind. Crap. I sprayed them again and killed, then sprayed the whole window, all the baseboards in that room, all the outside of the window, and closed the door so the boyz would not go in and get the fumes of the poison. When I went to check after a few hours, again there was nothing alive, but I noticed some new specimen. Big winged ants. I collected a sample and compared with online pics of carpenter ants, and I found out that what I had been killing for two days were the workers (small unhinged), male reproductive (small winged) and female reproductive (big winged) ants. Ok, time to call the exterminator. Not a nice ecological one. One to kill. Everything but humans and animals. He is supposed to come today at 1 pm. I am counting on that. I will be poorer, but bug-less!

Then last Sunday was the agility clinic at Janet’s. Advanced level. Krypto and I had a working spot. Right now I am too drained and worried about ants and exterminators to go into the details of what we did. Suffice to say that the clinic was excellent as always, and I learnt a lot. However, Krypto burnt his pads again, on the tough very dry grass, just by doing 4 exercises… THe pads were not bad as the last time, but still, enough to pull from the afternoon drills of the clinic, and question our going to this incoming Thursday trial at ADSC. Crap again.

If I were religious, I would go to be blessed, because this last two months have been pretty full of negative events…

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