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Up we go to Advanced Gamblers

Thursday night was a good night. The evening trials at ADSC are much cosier than the week-end ones, less dogs, less stress. Despite the heat and the lack of any breeze, I felt quite at ease. Much more at ease than at our last trial.

I arrived early, decided to leave Krypto in the car, in the shade, with his personal cage-fan. And I looked around. I had the chance to chat with some old acquaintances, and also with the judge, who seemed quite nice. I then checked in, got my course maps, and had a look at them. I thought they were nice starters courses, and I thought we had a chance at both the standards and the gamblers.

Starters Standard 1

It looked pretty straightforward to me. I had to lead out all the way up at the teeter. Then count on Krypto’s 2 on 2 off contacts to reposition, especially at the AF. Everything when pretty well, as planned, but he did not stop in the 2 on 2 off position at the AF. Although I do not have a video of it since I forgot my videocamera at home, I am pretty sure that I diid not tell him “target”. Ok, he should know his job, but he is still a green dog, and this was a trial. So my mistake. That is what cost us the run. Krypto took the spread and I did not have the time to position myself to lead him to jump 11. I guess I could have told him “go”, but that did not come out of my mouth neither. So he hesitated at jump 11 and we got a refusal. Then we reached smoothly the weaves and he nailed the entry, but popped out at pole 3, I bet because in training WCW I have been rewarding often just the entry and not the whole obstacle performance. I had to send him to the weaves 3 times for him to go through with them, and we ended with a nice jump.

Starters Standard 2

This standard was for me, more challenging than the previous one. I could not lead out as much as I had done before, and I decided to position myself just past jump 1, to send Krypto to the weaves exactly as in training. The plan was to then wait until he was heading for the tunnel for me to run and position myself in the inside of the large pin wheel, between the double and jump 5. Although Krypto missed his weave entry and I had to send him in again, the plan worked, I managed to be where I needed and we got to the table beautifully, with just a little creeping down the AF (I remember to say “target”). Then silly me, I believe I did not give him the “target” command at the DW, and with a tunnel right there in front of him, Krypto performed a perfect running DW (!!!!) and entered the tunnel. So there I am, way behind, and he is propelling out of the tunnel. I could only scream at him “go – go – go – go – go – go”. And he went!

And we did it! Q, 1st place, best run. 39.81 sec (SCT 67 sec) and 3.74 YPS (4.28 if I remove the 5 sec on the table)!! Quite the little bullet!!!

Starters Gamblers 1

Both Krypto and I were much more relaxed at this point. The ice had been broken, he had already run two courses, and we were up for our favourite game!

We did twice the jump-tunnel-double mini gamble, then up we went to do the AF, and we did twice the 4 points jump and the tunnel-teeter mini gamble. I do not recall what else we did, but we collected 58 points.

However, when the buzzer went, I was in a bad position to direct Krypto, and he just went off and took the first jump of the gamble, then it is all in a blur. I am sure I did not direct him properly, and we were whistled out, but I have no close what we did. Did he take again the first jump of the gamble? Or, did he take the tire? Regardless, we did not Q but collected more points in the opening than all the other dogs! Not bad!

Starters Gamblers 2

Well, in this one, we did twice the chute-double mini, together with the 4 jump and the other jump near the start line, then we moved up to the AF, and we did the weaves twice. We had an issue with the weave entry only at the first, but not the second. We collected 39 points, the buzzer went off, I sent him over the spread and then into the gamble and I just told him to go. I was more or less near the spread when I was directing him.

And we nailed it! Q, 1st place, best run! And up we go into Advanced Gamblers!

Overall, we had a great night. I made several mistakes. My brain froze too many times and that cost us our Qs, but I think the heat really got to me. Not to Krypto. His jumps were flawless, he did not knock one single bar, which had been an issue at our previous outdoors trial. My heart rate was relatively slow, and definitely much slower than at the previous trial. I had lots of fun, and Krypto too! Now, obviously we still have tons of issues, such us contacts and weave entries, but we are working on it!  At 20 months of age, the little bugger is doing quite well!

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