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Tuesday afternoon training sessions

After much debate, today I decided to cancel my slot of time at Dogz and to stick to my backyard, since the sky was getting darker and I did not enjoy the idea of being 35 Km from home when the storm hit, if it did.

“World class weaves”

First it was Krypto’s turn. Since my yard is large enough only for weaving and a few jumps, I set up 6 weave poles and worked on weave entries. I started following Joe Canova’s method to train weave entries. In level one there are around the clock stations and you have to send the dog in 5 different ways from each station: dog on left, dog on right, dog on left and RX, dog on right and RX, and recall. In level 1 the dog is ahead of the handler when entering the weaves (not sure where he is in the other levels, I do not have the DVD but have been explained the method by SM, and so far I have only checked level 1). While before WCW Krypto had a hard time entering the weaves with the correct shoulder when starting from the other side of the weaves, now he seems to have caught on and understood. We’ll see on Thursday at the ADSC trial!

Mat game and pushing the ball

Then it was Pongo’s turn. We worked on him going to lie down on a mat. He can go and do it from about 30 feet away from the mat, but the funniest thing is that he reaches the mat, he is on top of it, turns around to look at me, then lies down and ends up with all his body but his bum outside the mat! We then played with two mats, about 20 feet apart, and me sending him to one or the other. Bringing up a new mat puzzled Pongo, and I first had to make it clear that yes, it was ok to lie down (sort of!!) also on that mat. Then he did the game just fine. Now I think I should start making the mat smaller and smaller.

Pushing the ball is working fine, I tell him “touch” and he touches the ball with his muzzle. Ok, sometimes he sticks one of his paws on it, I think in frustration for having to be limited to his muzzle, so this looks like it will be our challenge: touch with the nose, not with the paw. He is also pushing the ball towards me, but again, once in a while that paw comes up…

Pongo appears to have a very short attention span when we do shaping. I have noticed it in class, but it is also happening at home. We do one or two minutes maximum, then we have to stop for a while before working some more.

So we had a few nice training sessions, then off we went, me having supper, them enjoying their elk antlers!

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