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Week-end full of dog activities

Treibballing on Friday

Our week-end started on Friday evening, when Pongo and I went to our first official Treibball class. Luckily the weather was a bit better than the previous days, and we did actually enjoy a nice breeze during the whole lesson. We met some new dogs, some new handlers, and had lots of fun. We repeated pretty much what we had learnt two weeks before, but Pongo was not as receptive or willing to work as when we had our little private class. I bet a field with new dogs and new people kind of made for a very “happy go lucky” Pongo that did not quite see the point of shaping to target a specific point on a mat placed perpendicular to the ground, or that preferred to lie down next to the mat rather than on top of it.

Regardless, he had great fun, and so did I. Pongo played “chase me” with Stevie,met a gorgeous Chesapeke Bay retriever puppy, and learnt from Merlin that not all dogs want to play with him.

Busy fun Saturday

On Saturday Krypto, Pongo and I went to Cornwall. Krypto had his check up appointment at the chiropractor. Good thing we went, since his front left and back right paws were quite off. The chiro fixed him up in no time and we decided that it would be a good idea to go back again at the end of next month, to fix whatever he may have off place after our two next rials.

Then off we went to Gray Creek Conservation Area and took advantage of the gorgeous deserted paths to have an off leash experience in Cornwall, while waiting for lunch time.

At lunch time we met with our friend Lyne and off we went to lunch in a beautiful park overlooking the St Laurence river. I had a great time with my friend, and the boyz posed for Lyne’s promotional photo of  poop bag dispensers LOLL

Then, after dropping Lyne off to work, we headed back towards Ottawa, taking a detour towards Merrickville and Waggalot, Michelle’s place.

Once at Waggalot, Michelle, Sue and I had lots of fun watching the dog swimming, and I managed, with my friends’ help, to teach krypto to dive in the pond. Once he got it, he enjoyed the diving so much he did not want to stop.

Pongo’s style, on the other hand, never improved. I believe Pongo prefers swimming to diving…

Sunday’s fun match

Then on Sunday morning we woke up and Krypto and I went to the Dogz fun match. The weather was crappier than expected, very humming, and we even got interrupted, in the early afternoon, by a nice storm.

Despite the rain, we had lots of fun. Krpto run fast, but did not run clean! As always I was a bit off with my timing and he knocked 2 bars in the first standard. Also, he did not stop at the AD to do his 2 on 2 off contact…but at least he did not creep down it neither! I’d rather fix the contact position, than fix the creeping down which which we have been struggling for quite a while.

His weaves were beautiful, but we still struggle with our entries, and I already have a plan to work this issue.

Overall a fun week end, with my dogs and my friends! I could have not asked for more!

At Waggalot – Krypto diving and Pongo trying to imitate him

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