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Evening trials? Why not!

It did not take me even one week, and I have already changed my mind. I had decided to stop trialling with Krypto until the Fall, and to work on our issues. But then I realized that many of those issues are due to the fact that the little bugger gets very “high” at a trial. I have not seen the same drive, and thus speed, in training and at fun matches. Also, I am different at trials. I would say I am “anxious”. Who, me?? Yes!!

To work through the problems we encountered at last week’s trial, we need to go to a trial. I will not be able to reproduce what happened in training or at a fun match. So yesterday I mailed my entry form for the two ADSC upcoming starters trials. At worse, I will have blown 52$ x 2. No big deal for two great training/learning opportunities. And you never know, we may even manage our super fast weaves, and I may even handle him properly. All bets are on!

On a very positive note, yesterday we did some training with Sue M. and she even helped us for our upcoming obedience exam. We managed two perfect stand for examination. In the middle of a very interesting agility field, with two dogs watching us and waiting to go play with us! So next TUesday, if I wear Krypto out before class, we may even manage the exam!!

And…today AF was a much improved version of yesterday’s! No creeping down but trotting! What did I do? Just practice the end behaviour with a target and release him to a wonderful Hol-ee ball (Lisa’s gift to then puppy Krypto) that we can also tug with. Marking the good end behaviours, and backchaining with target/ball and praise still in place. The key, it seems, is to rev him up, release him quickly to the toy, and mark emphatically the successful contact. Whatever works, I will be happy. I have seen so many border collies creeping down their contacts that I have started worrying about our issue. Instead, I just need to be patient (yeah, me, patient!) and keep working on this.

We have now two weeks and a half to get ready to the first evening trial. I better remember to bring with me Krypto cooling coat and my bug spray, it seems that over there mosquitoes are quite fierce!

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