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Krypto’s first outdoors trial

On Sunday morning, bright and early, Krypto and I headed off to ADSC. Krypto’s second agility trial, the first one outdoors on grass.

Needless to say, I was excited, and nervous, and … I screwed up some! Ok, let’s be honest. I did my best, just my best was not enough. And Krypto did his best too, and screwed up some as well! Here is a report of what we did. Unfortunately I do not have a video of all our runs because our videographer also had some issues…

Starters Jumpers 1

As soon as I saw the course map, I thought “crap, how am I going to do this without moving much”?! The course was quite loopy and definitely more challenging than the one we run at the Dream Fields trial. A nice course. One of those that help you get to advanced being ready for it, if you can do it. Well, we did not qualify. I do not recall whether I was late or early or whether I “pushed” Krypto but we had a refusal on jump number 4. Or at least I think it was jump number 4. Or maybe was 5. Unfortunately I do not remember, and the video does not show it…

Starters Jumpers 1 – Robin Robbs

Everything else run smoothly. The reason why I was concerned about how to handle it is that looking at it a la Susan Garret, I would have probably done a lead out pivot from 1 to 2. But then, how was I going to get to 3, 4 and so on? Could I lead out further up the course? I decided to be bold and to test our limits, right off the bat, at the first run. Either that and have a chance of managing to run the course, or definitely not being able too, considering my limited ability to run next to a smoking fast border collie. So I led out all the way past jump number 4. I knew Krypto could find the entry to tunnel 2 if I angled him properly at the start line. Then tunnel 3 would have sucked him in. After that I could just send him to the 5-10 jumps with very little movement on my part and once he was headed to tunnel 11, I could move down to do the last loop and end with 15 and 16.

My strategy actually worked. Krypto had an amazing lead out. He did it! And had I handled well the passage from 4 to 5, we would have Qd. Too bad I do not have a video to see what exactly I did. I better remember, next time, to tell whomever videos me to take the dog, and not me. And not to zoom in too much, so I can have a panoramic view of how he works far from me. Not sure I am explaining myself here, but I think I could manage to explain what I would like verbally.


Starters Jumpers 2

Well, this time the lead out was not such a big deal. I did a lead out pivot from 2 to 3, run up to the big loop when Krypto was in the tunnel, but Krypto knocked a bar down. I do not remember which one. And I think it was because I called his name. Even thinking of this, I do not remember which jump it was. And I do not have a video…Oh well. So overall a good run, but again no Q.

Starters Snooker

Starters Standard 1 (2 was reverse order of 1

Starters Snooker

The snooker run started well, and ended badly.If I remember correctly, my last obstacle in the opening was the AF. I was counting on Krypto to hold his contact to position myself for the closing, but if I remember well he did not hold is 2 on 2 off position and went into tunnel 2. And I mishandled the passage from tunnel 2 to tunnel 3 because I could not get there in time…

Starters Standard 1 and 2

Strangely, Krypto crashed on the first obstacle, so I  used the run to train him. A good idea since we had problems to go up the Dw from the tunnel, and also at the teeter.

Then, in standard 2, everything went smoothly, until I had to send him to the tunnel from the DW. He did not see the  correct tunnel entry, but the other one. And I mishandled the situation and Krypto stepped back on the contact, which resulted in an off course. Also, something for me to remember and to fix once more ingraining, at the table he did not go completely down. If you watch the video, you can see that I approach the table and look at his left paw. He was keeping his left elbow perhaps 1/2 inch detached from the table…with a rough coated border collie this would not have been noticed by the judge (!!!!), but with a smooth coated like Krypto, the judge could clearly see it!

Starters Gamblers

Well, what can I say? We had a beautiful opening, collected 38 points, then Krypto knocked the bar of the only jump in the main gamble…

Starters Gambler

To sum up, our experience was quite positive, despite the lack of Qs. Krypto was always under control, never went for zooms, always waited for me at the end to get back on leash. He was very keen to work and could have run another 6 courses! Not me!!

Our problems were mostly due to lack of training, e.g. the tunnel to DW/DW to tunnel, to my mistakes, to the fact that Krypto is a very green dog and was very very excited. Of course I would have loved to go home with at least a Q, but it did not happen. It will happen another time.

So now I am back home with a list of things to do that is getting longer and longer…I will not type it here or I will get scared!

And when the next trial? Not before Fall.

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  1. SM
    June 13, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    The videographer says that although the output from the camera turns out ok, the videographer cannot see anything when the sun is shining on the tiny camera screen…therefore losing the dog and handler entirely, resulting in a major fail in videographer duties. You need someone with better eyes. 🙂

  2. June 14, 2012 at 7:35 am

    The videographer did exceptionally well considering that I had no idea what I wanted until watching the videos!!! And I bet the videographer will do exceptionally well next time too! And then perhaps after the next time I will decide I want me and the dog, not only the god, or something more complicated LOLLLLL I think the screen in that little camera is the problem actually. Perhaps an ordinary camera with a viewfinder would be easier 🙂
    Thanks S.M. for taking our videos!!

  3. Lisa
    June 14, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    That Jumpers leadout was so cool! I bet not a whole heck of a lot of dogs in the Starters ring had a leadout like that. Fun to watch!

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