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This and that

Last night Krypto and I went to advanced obedience class. I know that even if Catherine, our instructor, reads this blog, she will not mind if I say that, compared to the thrill of running an agility course (in Krypto’s case I must say that he runs, I tell him where to go), obedience is boring! We do it because I want Krypto to be able to work near other dogs, to know that it is ok to be there, they will respect his space and not bother him. But I do not get a kick out of it, as I get wen I handle Krypto in an agility field.

The best part of yesterday was after the obedience class. All the students had left and I was chitchatting with Catherine, when she proposed to get Kye, her bulletproof Australian Shepherd, and get Krypto to know him and to be comfortable with him. Of course I agreed! The more positive experiences Krypto has, the better it is going to be…I hope. We did some on leash work, where Catherine and Kye walked in circles, and we followed circling behind them. We soon followed with an on leash, side by side walk. We let Krypto sniff Kye’s bum. We let them get close to each other. Kye went to close and Krypto told him off. But Kye is such a good dog, he knew exactly what to do. So Krypto’s snapping was no big deal. After some more foreplay, we decided to let them off leash. They met each other, then Krypto went away, at a distance he felt comfortable. Then he came back, came to say hello to Catherine. Meanwhile Kye was trying to get one of my treats.  After a while, Kye decided to give it a try, and made some attempts at playing with Krypto. It did not take long. And off they went, playing like I have never seen Krypto play. He was actually wrestling with Kye! Kye was so smart that he knew exactly when to stop, and when to start again. We spent one hour after class learning that we can play with Kye. And having fun!

Then today off we went for some agility practice as Sunday is the big day. First outdoors agility trial. And we are entered in all six events (I think I am insane!!).

We did some weaves, some contacts, and of course the main gamble from yesterday’s regional practices. So a Masters Gambler. It was teeter to a u tunnel, to a jump, back to the tunnel (other entry) to another jump. Ok, difficult to understand without a course map. Sorry…Anyways, the thing is, we did it. First attempt. Fast. Smooth. Flawless. Wow! We may not have the best DW or AF down ramp speed yet, but sure the little bugger can go the distance!

And Pongo? Pongo had no interest whatsoever in training. It is partly my fault, I have been putting most of my time and energy in training Krypto, as I am more and more convinced that I will soon retire Pongo…So, what did Pongo do today? He did some weaving, some jumping, some running around, we cuddled, I scratched his back, and, above all, he had a blast playing Frisbee!  The best Frisbee game we have had in a long time! better than the chuck-it. Too bad I have no pics or video of his catches on the fly!

Then I came home, ate a Buitoni spinach pizza, drank a glass of wine, and read Bud Houston’s blog. That guy is a philosopher!

Here is what he wrote today, about agility:

“Agility is just a game. We’ve propped it up with really artificial stuff like qualifying scores and titles and plenty of pretty ribbons to hang where we will. But it’s just a game, with a dog, in the park, on the weekend.”

True. This is what I want to think of on Sunday. It’s a game. Our game. And it will be fun!

And, since Bud also wrote that “working at a distance is like throwing cards into a hat on a windy day”, I hope there will be no wind on Sunday!

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