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Fun Match under the rain

Why not? For me, a first. And for Krypto too. So off we went, this morning, to Dogz CSC.

First we did an amazing starters standard course. Perfect lead out, perfect weaves, great DW and teeter, even if they were wet and slippery. The only not so perfect thing was the AF. Krypto did not even try to stop in a 2 on 2 off position! Nope! Oh well, I finally got the drive back. Now I need the end behaviour back!!!!

Then I decided to do, as our second run, the advanced standard. Why? Just in case Krypto had had the time to “memorize” the starters one, as they are nested courses. Well…he had! We had several off courses because the little bugger thought he “knew” what I wanted and decided not to pay attention to my cues! Naughty boy!!! I will have to work on this, and be very careful when on trial, in case we do two runs in the same class, and the judge keeps more or less the same set-up.

After the two standards, here came the gamblers. The first run we attempted the advanced gamble. I also attempted a mini gamble that was 12 weave poles going to a tunnel. I set up Krypto at the start line to do two very offset jumps, and enter the weaves. Sure enough he skipped pole number 1. We kept trying, and he kept skipping it. It became quite clear that my position was affecting him. I must be very careful and obviously wean him out of it. Our weaves still need a lot of work. The final gamble was DW then two jumps. He did it beautifully, he did not even pay attention to the tunnels that were nearby and could have, potentially, “sucked him in”. We obviously did not gather enough points since I spent all the opening time in the weaves. But I would not do that on trial. This is a fun match, and it is the place to push your limits to see what are your weaknesses.

And as I wanted to push our limits, for our second gambler run I decided to play a relatively safe opening but try the masters gamble. In the opening I led out all the way past the chute (that had been replaced by a tunnel because of the torrential rain), fit tire, jump, chute, jump, 180 to 4 point jump, again jump and 180 to 4 point jump, then teeter then up to try the mini gamble. The mini did not work out, but we managed to do the AF twice and the tunnel twice. Then off to the main gamble: DW, U tunnel, tunnel under the DW, jump and jump. And we made it, at the first attempt, very smoothly! A nice ending of a very humid fun match!!

We came home with a long list of things to fix, but with a very good feeling about our possibilities! Way to go Krypto!

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  1. Lisa
    June 3, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Way to go Krypto, but way to go *you* too! That gamble looks pretty dang tough to me, but it was no problem for you and your black and white boy. Awesome!!!

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