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Leaking fixed, paw pad healed!

Krypto the leaking border collie does not leak anymore:

Oh yeah, I had not written about the leaking border collie issue! I think. So here it is in short:

Krypto had started dripping urine while sleeping. As if his penis was a broken faucet! We went to the vet, did a urine test, and it turned out he had a urinary tract infection. He got antibiotics and special food. And in two weeks the infection was gone. He had to keep eating the special vet food for another month but we stopped after another week because he started showing signs of food intolerance…Krypto appears to be allergic to fish, and in that food there is fish oil…Apart from this, the leaking border collie was still leaking.

What to do, what to do?

Option 1: Keep the leaking Krypto confined to his crate while I am at work and during the night.

Option 2: Try the chiropractor to see if there is something affecting his ability to control his bladder.

I chose option 2 and went to see the chiropractor on May 26. And, surprise surprise, all Krypto’s lower back was out of place! Both his spine and his pelvic bones! It took the chiro about 20 minutes to find the issue and put everything back in place. She did not know whether this would work, but hey, he had never leaked until a could of months ago, so it could really be something went wrong with his bones, especially considering that he is a bit wild and falls and rolls off agility equipment more often that I would like.

And here we are, 6 nights after, and not one leak!! It looks like Option 2 worked for us! yay for the chiropractor!

Paw pad:

Paw pad is like brand new, the skin is just a bit soft and I need to be careful when working Krypto on rough surfaces. So here we are, able to train again and getting ready for next week’s trial!

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