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Getting ready for the ADSC trial…maybe

We started training again last Thursday, after over a week of inactivity due to Krypto’s paw pad injury.

This is the list of things I need to fix:

  1. left and right on obstacles
  2. fast down ramps for DW and AF
  3. go to table from 20-30 feet and more
  4. difficult weave entries
  5. enter the weaves when propelling out of a tunnel
  6. tunnel end discrimination
  7. go to weaves from table
  8. rear cross proofing

I decided not to work on number 1 before the trial because we will not be ready in a week, and Krypto gets confused before understanding a behaviour, and I do not want a confused dog next Sunday.

2. Fast down ramps for DW and AF

Although the hoop method seemed to work fine, I kept looking for viable solutions to our issue. After chatting with AM and reading a blog on how Stuart Mah suggested to fix a problem like mine, I decided to fade the hoop and keep rewarding Krypto at the end of the DW or AF. And I decided to use a very high value treat to drive him down: chicken hearts. I also decided never to correct Krypto’s wrong behaviour, but just not say anything and go back and try again. And I also decided to let him eat the treat even if the behaviour is not correct. Because I cannot remove it without confusing/startling him. It seems that the mistake I made was correcting Krypto when he did not stop in a 2o2o position. According to Stuart Mah, correcting the dog makes him uncertain of what exactly we want. Do we want them to run down? Do we want them to stop on 2o2o? They seem confused as to understanding that when we correct them for breaking a 2o2o, we still want them to drive down the DW or AF. Stuart Mah also uses a second reward, one obstacle after the DW or AF. This is similar to the suggestion that JL gave to AM.

So off we went, with chicken hearts on a target. And yep, the speed is much much better. Even when I removed the target. Much faster down ramps. He broke his 2o2o a few times, but the times he stopped in 2o2o outweigh the ones he did not. However, Krypto seems to still be dependent on my position when he does the AF. I cannot be too lateral or too far behind. We need to work on me being everywhere.

Things are looking up!

5. Enter the weaves when propelling out of a tunnel

This is all a matter of my timing. I need to tell him when he is mid way through the tunnel that he has to go weave. And  he is ok. He would skip the second pole because of his speed, but on Friday he appeared to put on his breaks and after a few attempts he managed 12 perfect poles. And I could see the hole in the sand of the arena where he used his breaks!

We did a few sequences also with jumps and he seems to start figuring out the difficulty of doing the second pole after entering correctly the weaves.

8. Rear cross proofing

We are getting there!

So much to do, so much to do!

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