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Victoria Day at Waggalot

It was a hot damp day, and Michelle invited us to her place, Waggalot. Why? She said we should go “ponding”! Now, is that a real English word? The noun is pond, but the verb to pond means “Hold back or dam up (flowing water or another liquid) to form a small lake”. So now I know, in the dog people dictionary that verb means “to have the dogs play in a pond”. I am all for ponding! Pongo and Krypto are too.

We had a great afternoon. Sue and Indigo were there, and Michelle brought out Raven, her big rescue doberman. His introduction to Krypto went exceptionally well, and the two dogs were able to play and swim side by side, with no fuss and no issues. Maybe Krypto is improving!

We also took a break from ponding and checked out the gorgeous agility field. We even tried the A-frame and some tunnels.

Then back ponding. Total time in or around the water was perhaps 2 hours.

Last, Michelle decided to bring out Poochie. We introduced him to Krypto, who surprised me. When Poochie acted up as the dominant one, Krypto backed off, came to me, and lied down! Wow! Is he really learning to read dogs and to give up and not engage?! Not sure, but that was definitely big time progress!!

At around 5:30 we decided to get back home. I was loading the car when Michelle’s husband was playing fetch with the dogs. I went to join him and enjoyed the sight of Pongo, Indigo and Krypto running after a stick. And there it happened. All of a sudden Krypto started limping. Despite the limp, he was still getting into position, as border collies do, to get the stick. I had to call him to me to manage to check out his paw.

One full layer of skin was ripped from his front right paw pad, hanging just by perhaps 1/8 of an inch. The layer of skin underneath was bleeding. The paw was red. I was good. I did not panic. Just asked Michelle if she has some emergency supplies and she came up with a huge supply of colourful bandages, gauze, soap, polysporin. I cut the skin away using the scissors that she kept in the emergency kit, washed the pad in diluted soap, rinsed it carefully, dried it by patting it with a towel, applied the gauze, then Michelle wrapped him in the colourful self adhesive bandages that do not stick to skin and fur.

What happened is quite obvious now. HIs skin softened in the water, then when he run on the grass, he used his border collie “breaks” several times, and by friction he ripped the skin of his pad off. The front left paw got damaged to, but not as much as the right one.

One day after the accident, Krypto is still limping. I keep his paw bandaged during the day so he is more comfortable when he goes out to pee, and I remove the bandage when we go to bed, so the skin can breathe better and heal quicker. And tonight no obedience class for us. And no agility for a while.

In conclusion, yesterday taught me a big lesson: never let a border collie play fetch after he has been “ponding” for a few hours. The two activities are not compatible. Get a supply of those pretty colourful self adhesive bandages. Build a new emergency kit suitable for a border collie, as my gerwaisky Pongo is not as rough with his body.

I just hope Michelle’s husband has stopped feeling guilty! It would have happened to me too! It is just that I am not used to the ways of the border collies. Not yet. But I am learning!

And now, fingers crossed that the pad heals and Krypto stops limping before June 10th, when we are supposed to go trial at ADSC.

From left to right: Indigo, Krypto, Pongo and Raven

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  1. Catherine Mirsky
    May 22, 2012 at 11:27 pm

    Ahhh, so that’s why Kyrpto wasn’t in class tonight! πŸ˜‰ It sounds like you all had an awesome day! πŸ™‚ Krypto may need to chill out for a few days and keep his pad dry, so it will heal, but I’m sure he’ll be healed in time for ADSC.

  2. Lisa
    May 23, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Aye oye! (did I spell that right?) Big relief though that it’s not a “mystery limp”. Nice to see, clear as day, the cause of the problem.

    I always find my dogs’ paw cuts heal pretty quickly when they’re not allowed to lick at it. They have much more experience wearing a cone than they would like, I’m sure πŸ˜‰

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