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Crazy week-end!

Yesterday Pongo and Krypto were busy at the last Dream Fields trial before the Summer. Pongo and I (or I should say “I”) were aiming at an Advanced Jumpers Q, which would have meant our Advanced Games title. And it was Krypto’s debut in agility.

As far as Pongo is concerned, I am very ashamed to say that I was a wreck, very nervous because of Krypto’s debut, and also because our course (sorry, I cannot find the course map!!) was very loopy, which usually means I will forget a piece. And sure enough, I forgot jump #15, so I did tunnel 16 instead then finished with jumps 17 and 18… And I thought “this feels weird”, but we finished and I thought we had made it! Yep! Then I looked at Shelley (the judge), who was pointing at Jump #15, and I understood! Oh well! This is the second time I trial under Shelley, and the second time I forget one piece of her course! It has never happened with any other judge! But hey, when you have to loop twice, go over two different jumps three different times each, twice in the same tunnel, and twice over another jump, it gets tricky…at least for my brain. So sorry Pongo, but no Q for your today…

As for Krypto, as soon as I saw the jumpers course, I thought “crap, we never did one like this”. Not that we had done many before yesterday. Maybe 3 or 4 full courses. But I was at a loss on how to handle it since it was going up, down, up and down again. I decided not to lead out all the way up, although that would have been a possibility, then I could have sent Krypto down, then up again, then down again, while I was moving laterally. But the first four jumps were in a slight curve, and I was not sure the lead out past tunnel, in the top-middle of the field would have worked. So I decided to lead out between jumps 2 and 3 and send Krypto up to the tunnel. After all he loves tunnels, he should have done it. Then called him down, rx between 7 and 8, then send him up, and call him down. Piece of cake, maybe, or maybe not.

Well, I could have been better at the rx. But the “little bugger” nailed it! We got 1Q, 2nd place, 18.08 secs (6.36 yps, sct 36 secs):

Then on to Starters Gamblers, where we had a simple plan to start with the 3 obstacle mini, go up and do the second mini, then jump, weaves and back into the second mini, then again jump, weaves, AF, tunnel and whatever else was there to burn up 40 seconds. Well, it turns out that Krypto’s weaves are so so in trial. He is too revved up and misses the entry. But that helped us use up some time and worked well in the end as he got 43 points in the opening,  1Q, 1st place and best run! We just have a little piece of the opening as our videographer had issues with my videocamera, but it does not matter!


So here I am, very proud of both my dogs! They did great, and now I know that Krypto and I can do it!

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