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A leaking border collie and the difficulties of getting a urine sample!

Here we go. My almost “perfect” puppy, well, not so much of a puppy anymore at 18 months, is leaking. Yes, leaking!

It took me a couple of weeks to figure it out, but although perfectly housebroken, his penis leaks drops of using while he sleeps. Weird. As if during sleep his muscles relaxed so much that they cannot hold it in anymore.

A search on the internet did not reveal anything conclusive. It could be number of things, from the urinary tract infection, to kidney disease, diabetes, or it could be too much protein in his food (really? he is a carnivore after all!). It could even be something misplaced in his skeleton, due to a fall or impact of some sort.

Just to be on the safe side, today we are going to the vet. Funny because we were there also last Friday, again with Krypto, because of a chipped tooth.

The vet technician told me to get a urine sample this morning. I did try to do so. After all I have already done it years ago with Pongo. While Pongo was ok with me putting a bowl under his belly to catch his pee, Krypto revealed to be very shy and stopped peeing as soon as I tried the trick. So my sample is very small. Just enough for a pH test. We went out already three times, Krypto on leash, me reciting “pee, pe pee” over and over. But he will either stop as soon as he sees the bowl under his belly, or he will just not pee at all. We still have 3 hours before our appointment, so I am hoping on some more pee, and on him getting used to this weirdness.

Another issue with Krypto’s leaking is that he has been demoted to the crate. He is ok with it, although I bet he misses snuggling with me during the night. I did miss it…although I slept much better, and I was not woken up at the crack of dawn!

So, fingers crossed for a good “catch” (urine sample) and for a quick solution to our problem!

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