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Krypto’s debut is approaching…

I entered Krypto in the Dream Fields May trial. Jumpers and Gamblers only. We are not ready for Standard yet. Our dog walk and A-frame are not good enough. We are still working on maintaining speed in the descending ramp of the dog walk, and we have just started working on the A-frame. So far we only have a good teeter.

With Sue we have tried to go back to the old targeting method, where the target is quite visible and loaded with nice food. We also realised that Krypto is quite concerned about my presence near the end of the obstacle.

These are our observations:

  • If I send him and Sue is at the end, his speed is very good in the descending ramp;
  • If I send him and Sue is not there, he turns to look at me;
  • If I run next to him, he is slower than if I send him and Sue is waiting for him, but the speed is “almost” ok (not “almost good”);
  • If I lead out to the end of the obstacle, he slows down in the descending ramp.

He is still confused I think. I am not sure what caused this confusion about his expected behaviour, but we are working on it and we (Sue and I) believe that he will gain confidence and speed with time.

As for the A-frame, he takes it full speed ahead (as everything) and if he remembers that he is supposed to target, he manages to pretty well, while once his hind paws were not strong enough and he would just slide off sideways. We still have the target in place since he just started working the obstacle.
We are also working on weave entries, handling and so on. I think we have a chance in Gamblers, but I am afraid Jumpers is going to be a real challenge as starter courses have too many straight sequences where a border collie can simply take off…

Oh well…I keep my fingers crossed, since I have just mailed our registration form for the ADSC June trial…2 Jumpers, 1 Standard and 1 Gambler!!!!

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