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Learning some freestyle moves

In the cold winter days, when I could not go anywhere with the dogs because of both the weather and my crappy knee, I decided to start doing some fun stuff with them. So I started some freestyle, as in canine dance. I am a pitiful dancer myself, and I do not plan in ever setting up a routine with music and dresses adapted to it. And definitely I do not plan to dress up Pongo and Krypto. But I thought that some freestyle moves could be useful as rear end awareness exercises, proprioception, and just for fun. So I taught Krypto to “march”, to weave between my legs while I walk and to do a figure of eight between my legs. With Pongo I am still at the weaving. He has a hard time passing under me, since he has to bend. And I gave up the marching until my right knee is ok or he is going to destroy it with his huge paws!

Since I am enjoying this freestyle moves very much, I decided to get a book and learn some more moves. I bought “Dancing with Dogs” by Mary Ann Nester and I have started teaching the boyz to circle around a broom, first clockwise then counterclockwise. I still have not videoed this, but Pongo is no longer afraid of the broom since he learnt that if he circles around it he gets lots of cookies! My ultimate goal is to teach the boyz to circle around me backwards, a “rewind”.

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