Rear Crosses!

There is one thing I did not train at all with Krypto. Rear Crosses! We did the very basic foundation exercise of having him sit, his back to me, and moving left to right (or viceversa), tossing his toy when he turns his head to follow me, when he was maybe 5 months old. That’s it, that’s all. Yesterday we practiced some double box routines that I had done at the Susan Garret camp I went two years ago, and that I discovered come straight from the Greg Derrett DVD “Good dog, shame about the handler”. One of them was meant to practice rear crosses. Well, if ever a dog could understand a rear cross “just because”, that dog is not Krypto. I need to get my act together and add the rear cross to the list of things I have to do with him, like finishing his contacts, finish the 2×2 weave poles, start layering, introduce the directionals with equipment. And many many many more! It seems to me that it never ends. Which is true. And fun. Although sometimes I wish we had already done it all and were just perfecting our technique, while right now I am not sure we will be able to compete when Krypto will be 18 months. Two years is more like it…

On the very positive side, he already has independent 270s and 180s, very nice slice lead out, and I could do the box practically standing and directing him. He also knows that “go” means “go straight ahead” and “get out” means move laterally away from his line. I really can’t complain, he keeps amazing me. One day he sees a 270, the next day he does it independently!!


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