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Nightmarish afternoon

Yesterday, after dwelling on whether venturing out while we were under freezing rain warning, I decided that Krypto and Pongo, but especially Krypto, needed to go out and run and train, so off I went to train at Red Gate Arena.

It snowed all the way to the exit that from highway 417 leads to highway 7, then nothing, nada, rein.

We reached the red gate of Red Gate Arena at 3:15 pm. I turned off the ignition, put the keys in my pocket, got off the car, opened the gate, went back in the car, put the car in the ignition, turned it and…nothing, nada, rein…the car was dead, kaputt.

I waited for a while, in case Irene and/or Larry, the owner, would get home from work. After 15-20 minutes, since nobody had arrived hime, I tried to call CAA – I have a membership after all – but my cell-phone would not give me the connection. I am wondering why…yet I checked the numbers I dialled and they were all correct. In the process of course I almost run out of battery.

What to do, what to do? I decided to try if a neighbour was home. I first tried the house just past Red Gate. Nobody was home. So I walked to the house before Red Gate. Luckily the owner was home. A guy with 2 dogs, a white fluffy thing and a Jack Russel. It turns out his name is Rick. Rick listened to my story, then offered his cellphone so that I could call CAA. He also made sure CAA had his cellphone number as well, so that if they did not succeed in reaching me to confirm they were coming to the rescue, they could reach him and he could then walk to where I was, with the car and the dogs, to warn me.

Then I went back to the car, waited for about 1 hour for CAA to call me, then another 10-15 minutes for them to come. Now, could have I trained the dogs during that time? Nope, I was too worried to do anything but wait and worry and wait and worry.
When he arrived, the CAA guy, very pleasing to the eye (hey, you have to cheer yourself up in these crappy situations!), boosted my car battery, and the boost it held on until I reached home. I am glad it worked otherwise we would have needed to be towed, which would have meant for the boyz to ride in the car on top of the tow truck…not something I wish to try any time soon.
Once home, for the heck of it, I tried to start the car maybe 5 minutes after turning it off. And the car was dead again 😦
This morning I called CAA again, I had the car towed to the garage, where it was thoroughly checked – I hope, with what it cost me! – the battery was changed, and here I am, with a perfectly working car, ready to go back to Red Gate Arena this Friday!
A hellish day, but I managed and brought Krypto, Pongo and myself home safe and sound, with the only regret of not having trained at all despite being away for the whole afternoon!
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