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Rear end awareness – Stairs

Well, let’s say we are just plain bored these days. Both the boyz and myself.

Although I am quite mobile at 11 days post surgery, I have not ventured out much because of the weather. Ice storms, freezing rain and such do not make for decent walking conditions, and if you have just had knee surgery, even for something as simple as a torn meniscus, you definitely do not want to risk your knee by slipping on an icy surface.

In a quest for something different to teach Krypto, I realized I had never tried to have him do the stairs backwards. Nice trick, and excellent rear end awareness exercise.

We started last night. Pure and simple shaping. We are now at step #3!! I think soon I will be able to add a verbal cue to this exercise. And I am starting to think that Pongo could make some use of this too. So he is my next victim…probably in a couple of minutes!

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