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Working the boyz, and my knee, at Red Gate Arena

Yesterday I saw the sports medicine doctor, who scolded me because I am not bending the knee as I should. He kept telling me to move it, so I picked up the dogs and off we went to Red Gate Arena. They could work and play, and I could walk on a non-icy surface.

Irene left the gate open for me so I did not have to walk on ice and risk to break my new knee 🙂

While I was setting up the equipment (nothing heavy and difficult to lift and move around) I let Pongo and Krypto free ranging in the arena, and after two days of house and backyard, they run happily and wore off some built up energy. Then I worked some distance skills with Krypto, the table (this is going to be our weak obstacle), some directional post jump and we started the 2×2 weave training. Pongo did the weaves, some contact work, and some distance work as well, and the low table with he needs to practice since he will have it at our next trial. In the middle of the training session we played ball, then we worked some more, and we ended up playing ball.

By the end of the day my knee was a bit sore, but I noticed today that my range of motion is much much better than yesterday.

I am looking forward to our next training session, good for the boyz, good for the knee!!!

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