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Waiting for the boyz

Today Pongo and Krypto come back home. They have been at Nathalie Labelle’s farm (Ewenique Farm) since last Sunday, and it is time they come back here, to give room for Krypto’s mother, Nan, to get in the house and be comfortable for a bit before she delivers her litter of pups.

I am very excited to see my boyz! I have missed them so much and although I will not bring them to the park for probably another week, I think they will be happy to be home. I plan to keep them entertained, especially Krypto, by playing ball in the backyard, me tossing and them retrieving. The Jolly Egg may help too! Then there are a few tricks that Krypto could learn and I could teach him while convalescing, like backing up going around me.

So in about one hour they will be here!!! Yay!!!!


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  1. January 21, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Take it easy with the boyz. You have to get better to get back to agility! : )

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