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Last agility practice before the surgery

On January 17th I will finally have my meniscus surgery. So today Pongo, Krypto and I went to Red Gate Arena for the last time before my surgery. So far I have only cancelled the practices of January 17th and 24th, but I may have been too optimistic. We’ll see.

With Pongo I practiced some weave entries and the low table, since he will enter his next trial as a veteran and will have to jump 16″. Table down was very nice, essentially as in the higher table. Weaves were pretty good too, especially since I was at least 10 feet away from the poles. We did some box work using one of the sequences from the Susan Garret workshop we went to a couple of years ago. He was flawless. Pongo is such a steady dog!!! So I am not concerned about not being able to work with him for a few weeks, even if our next trial is going to be exactly two months after my surgery.

With Krypto we practiced a few things:

1) Table – we were having trouble with his once perfect table down. Once Krypto discovered the joys of agility, he was too revved up to lie down on the table when jumps and tunnels were waiting for him. So we went back to square one and re-built huge value for the automatic down on the table. He still looks at me when I say “table”, as if asking “are you sure you did not mean tunnel?”, but he is getting faster and faster at jumping up on it, and then he goes down quite nicely. However I consider this still a work in progress and I will not move up to doing sequences with the table until I am 110% sure that he loves his automatic down.

2) Box Work – we did the same sequence that I practiced with Pongo. I threw in a rear cross, just to see if he had a vague idea of what it was, and discovered immediately that he had no clue. Well, I am actually not surprised since we did not practice rear crosses at all. They are in my list of things to train, but for now they are not a top priority. Other than this, I need to work more on my timing in cueing changes in direction. Krypto is so fast and I am often a fraction of a second too late, which means Krypto is already gone off the tangent! He is extremely responsive to my body language and very fast in executing. Also, he never tires. The box can be pretty frustrating for certain dogs, but he just keeps going, a real workaholic.

3) Teeter – we moved from the low plank (plank with brick underneath) mimicking the teeter, to the regular teeter in its lowest setting (for training). Krypto is still a bit surprised of the difference in behaviour between the two, but I am building huge value for the real thing and he is getting it. He is not afraid of it, just faintly cautios, thus a tad slower than he could be. But I am sure he will fly on it pretty soon. His 2o2o are quite nice, although I have not added any distractions yet.

4) Lead out – we were having issues with me leading out at quite a lateral distance from a series of jumps. So we practiced this and I stepwise increased my distance from the line. He got it right away. Next step is going to be slices.

Then it was playtime for all of us. I removed some obstacles from the middle of the arena and then we played ball! The boyz had so much fun, and now they are dead tired and sleeping!

I love these dogs. Pongo is definitely my heart dog and I love him to pieces. And Krypto is my little workaholic who does not stop surprising me…and of course I love him to pieces too!

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  1. Lisa
    January 10, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    Sounds like they are both doing very well! They will be all set for when you’re ready to get back in the ring. I will be thinking of you on the 17th and wishing for the speediest of recoveries for you.

  2. January 10, 2012 at 9:28 pm

    Thanks Lisa! I’ll keep in touch and I should be back to business pretty soon!

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