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Dog people v Pet people

Krypto chasing Pongo at the park

I so wish for every person that owns a dog to be a dog person, but it seems that there are still too many pet people around. Certainly one too many as far as I am concerned.

This is a report of my latest encounter with such a pet person.

Wednesday I went to the Parc du Lac Beauchamp, the off leash section north of the railroad. I go to this park because very few people go there and it is much easier to keep Krypto under control and to practice some counterconditioning if we meet the odd one out dog. On Wednesday there were two cars in the parking lot. I figured that there would be a maximum of 4 dogs there, give or take, and I decided to stay because Krypto really needed to run.
We are walking when I see a husky fast approaching, and a far away lab. I call Krypto before he gets engaged with the other dog and starts his routine of looking sideways, licking lips and then snapping. I put him on leash and I start having him do little things like nose touches, give the paw and so on. The husky comes by and starts bugging us, like not letting us be, putting his nose where he should not. And Krypto becomes more and more nervous. So I call out to his owner and ask her if she can call back her dog.
I must have asked the worst question ever and have been quite offensive! She starts blurting out that this is a off leash dog park, that she is not calling her dog, who has all the rights to be wherever he wants, that I cannot go to an off leash dog park and ask people to leash their dogs, and that I should not keep my dog leashed in an off leash dog park, and so on. I tried to explain that i did not ask her to leash her dog (although the dog would not have died because of that!) but just to call him back and keep him under watch until we are out of sight. No way. she kept talking and talking and talking and then she added that since my dog was clearly aggressive because I had leashed him I had no right to be there and she was going to call the police!!!! Aggressive dog? He behaved reasonably well!! And if she called, I can picture the laughs the police officer must have had after her call!!!!!!
Meanwhile Pongo is sniffing around, wondering what all the fuss is about.

So, what is the problem with this pet people not getting it?

Today, there was a different car in the same parking lot of the same park. The owners had two dogs, a lab and a golden. We saw them in one of the paths that go through the woods. They saw us. I called Pongo and Krypto to me. They too called their dogs to them. I leashed Krypto, they leashed their dogs. I changed direction, and they walked away. While they were going away, I practiced some counter-contitioning with Krypto. Perfect encounter, perfect people. Most likely dog-people.

I am glad of todays encounter. Dog people still exist here in Gatineau, I though they were a species on the verge of extinction!

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  1. January 8, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    I have a small dog, and one day I was walking with her on a leash. A yellow lab comes running up at full speed and jumps up on me because I had picked my dog up when I saw him. He almost bowled me over, and the owner casually walks in our direction, never even calling the dog when he sees the dog is mauling us. I was so angry.

    • January 8, 2012 at 9:01 pm

      I bet you were angry! On my side, I am working very hard for my border collie not to practice any unwanted behaviours and to help him overcome his fear of other dogs. That’s why I don’t get people like the owner of the lab that run after your dog. I bet he did not even apologize for his dog’s behaviour. I had a similar experience with a boxer when Krypto was a puppy. I guess I have a big mouth and I asked to the owner the same thing I asked to the owner of the husky (see post). To call his dog because my puppy was frightened. And I got a stupid answer, that my puppy just needed socializing! Well, if things were that easy, pigs would already be flying!!

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