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Distance work and box work

Today I went to practice only with Krypto. It was an unplanned training session. Sue sent me an e-mail about a cancellation at Red Gate Arena and asked if I wanted to join her. I did, and I brought only Krypto (not enough time to train my 2 dogs and hers).

When I arrived at the arena, a box was almost set up. so I decided to finish the set up and do some box work with Krypto. First we did an exercise from the “Dial up the distance” DVD, to teach him the “out” command. “Go” and “out” are working amazingly well. “Out” needs some refining but the “go” is almost 100%, and I am very please and proud of the little bugger. He can do 8-9 obstacles (jumps and tunnels) spanning the length and width of the arena, with me roughly in the middle.

So off we go and tackle the box. Well…at first he sees other jumps outside the box and he just keeps going. He sort of designed his own course. Naturally I helped by being late to move my arm and shoulders to signal a 270. We try again, and I see my movements are still too late. After so many years with Pongo, I am not used to a fast dog. And Krypto is fast. Maybe I should have called him “bullet”. As we try and try, I get faster and faster. And he gets better and better!

And I bring home a big lesson: I need to practice both distance skills and “close” to me skills. Because it may happen that I need him to be near me and not go off. And I need to get in sinc with him. We’ll get there!

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