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More on the muzzle

Well, the muzzle did not work for us.

Not that Krypto did not wear it without complaining. On the contrary. But the problem were the other dogs at the park. They would just gang up against him. I guess they could tell he was in an inferiority position, so to speak, and that took advantage of it. So he was trying to snap at them wildly. Thus, in my opinion, Krypto was rehearsing a behaviour I do not like him to have.

The so much sought after basket muzzle is now in the leash basket, and stays there when we go to the park.

My new approach is to have Krypto work out before going to the park, so that when we get there he is all happy but not so peppy. This way his reactions to the other dogs are toned down. Also, he cannot get out of the car and into the park if he does not clam down. I have succulent treats to offer when he comes to me once called. And we may play chuck-it.

So far so good. He snaps once or twice to some dogs, but that is pretty much it.

Conclusion: the muzzle was a good idea, but it did not work as hoped for us because Krypto runs far from me and I cannot defend him (apart from calling him to me). Anyways, it was good to try, you cannot know whether it will work if you don’t.



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