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Muzzle or no muzzle?

I think this is a worse dilemma than Hamlet’s one!

I have been wondering about it for a while. I need to let Krypto run at the dog park, but I cannot control his every move and every breath. And he is quite the juvenile bully with some dogs. He never bit, but he has snapped at a few dogs here and there. I would say an average of 3 per visit to the park. It’s not really that bad, I always call him and he comes to me, and we move on. Some dogs even charged him running to us from far away, and he ignored them.

So why this dilemma?

Well, last Sunday I went to Bruce Pit with Jack and Sawyer the chihuahua. Krypto went off to bully a German Shepherd puppy – ok, the puppy was bigger than he is, but still a puppy – I called him to me before he could do anything, but the owner of the German Shepherd started ranging after him, waving his arms and everything, as if he was chasing a rabid dog from his backyard.That scared me. What if Krypto, who likes people a lot, developed a fear of people. We don’t really need that. And what if he had turned around and bitten the man out of fear? I cannot even be sure Pongo would not react badly in that situation.

That’s when the muzzle started to become a way to protect Krypto. With a muzzle, he cannot snap, cannot go farther than that, and nobody will chase him in that weird and somewhat scary way.

So now, which muzzle?

An easy search revealed that the basket type is more suitable for running in a park, since it lets the dog pant and also drink. Well, it took me 5 days to find a store that carried that type of muzzle in Krypto’ s size. Everyone now just carries the fashionable nylon black muzzles, that yes, you can hardly notice when worn by a black and white dog as Krypto, but don’t allow any panting whatsoever.

So we are all set now. When we go to the park in a busy day Krypto can now be sure nobody will chase him and scare him. And that will buy my some piece of mind as well.

And there is an added bonus: no poop eating!!!!!


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