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Red Gate Fun Match

This was our first fall/winter fall fun match at Red Gate Arena since we missed the October one (well, I was in Italy after all!). What a great way to spend a Saturday doing dog sports!

I decided to split the runs between Pongo and Krypto, so I had Pongo run at 16″, 20 days before he will be officially a veteran. Pongo run the standard and the jumpers, while Krypto came in the ring with me and we practiced only lead outs. I must say that Pongo was very happy and did all what I asked him of, so he also made the mistakes I…had him make! Krypto on the other hand was another story.

Outside the ring he was hyperactive, reactive to whatever came too close to him, and extremely excited by the dogs running in the arena. So I spent most of the time doing the “look at that” game from Control Unleashed and the relaxation exercise that Janet taught us (well, relaxation is the ultimate goal!). It was quite a lot of work, because even if we had been to the arena when Krypto was still a puppy, he had no idea, then, about how much fun agility is. So now that he knows, he is very hyper and I need to manage his excitement.

On a very positive note, once it was our turn to be in the arena and work, Krypto was focused, eager to do whatever I asked him to, fast and happy. Nothing outside the ring mattered to him. And inside only me and the jumps existed. He performed for the first time 3 jumps lead outs, and the jumps were definitely not set up for that, i.e. they were not on a straight line but they were a “slice” I think. He did a few tunnels and he was super-happy and astounded when I leashed him and brought him outside, he could not believe our 2 minutes were over.

After the fun match we went to a new restaurant, Ballygiblins in downtown Carleton Place (Ottawa, ON). What a nice surprise. They have a good selection of local beers, and they use local produce for the items they serve. I had the Bison ribeye. Excellent! Next time I may try the Indian dishes.

Of course the day included lots of chats with our friends from the agility world, and that made for a very special fun match!



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  1. Lisa
    November 15, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    Awesome, A! Looking forward to seeing Krypto in the ring again. He really does get all down to business when he’s in there, just wants to play with you (and the equipment!). Walter is looking forward to having Pongo join him in 16″ vets — it’s where all the cool dogs play 😉

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