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What a scare

Last night Pongo had seizures. I actually did not know he was having them since I had never seen it before in a dog. His head and front paws were ok, while his back paws and his body were going through what looked like severe muscular spasms. Also, it was clear that he could not control his back paws and did not know how to walk. Luckily he did not fall and did not hurt himself. Through the whole episode he appeared to be aware that something was off. I tried to have him lie down, with limited success since he kept trying to get up. I petted him and reassured him until it stopped. They were like short seizures of about 1-2 minutes length, then there were a few minutes of quiet, then they would start again. The whole episode lasted between 15 and 20 minutes. Unfortunately I was too freaked out to actually write down the time it started and it stopped, so these are all estimates.

I had not really understood they were seizures until Cristina, a friend and coworker, suggested I look on youtube for videos of seizures to see if that was what he had. And sure enough that was it. So I phoned the vet, who told me to keep an eye on Pongo and record everything possibly related to the seizures, like length, if he was alert, how long it took to recover after them, what he had done, eaten and so on. We did not go in for test because he said that they would be inconclusive at this point. It could be a toxin, excitement, not enough sugar in the blood and so on.

So I am keeping an eye on big boy Pongo, who today is doing great as usual, and I am also keeping my fingers crossed that it was just an isolated episode.

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