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Who came with me at the BBQ?

Krypto (10.5 months old) and Pongo (4.5 years old)

The last minute decision was to leave Pongo at home since he could not go out and play agility, and just bring Krypto over to Red Gate Arena to do some puppy stuff.

He did very well. First of all, he was very quiet in the car while he was waiting for me to go get him. He was not bothered by dogs going by, by people going by, or by Frances little terrier barking like crazy at everything that moved in the car parked next to ours. We did 3 runs at 10 inches. Unfortunately silly me did not think of getting a copy of the course so I cannot post it for reference. I’ll try to describe what we did.

1) jump straight to another jump then 180 degrees to a third jump then into a U tunnel, back to the last jump, 180 to another jump, jump.

2)jump, 180 to tunnel, straight to jump, straight to tunnel, 270 to jump

Pretty nice and smooth.

Krypto was extremely focused on me, he did not care about anything else but what I was asking him to do. He did not bark at me as often border collies do, and he did not spin in circles waiting for my directions, again as I have seen many border collies do. He had a great sit stay although you could tell he was all revved up and waiting to go!

I also had a very nice cheeseburger, chips, salad, a beer, a hefty portion of anniversary cake, some candy and last, but definitely not least, nice conversations with some good friends.

So a great way to spend a Saturday!

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