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Retrieving the tug toy

Krypto and I have been working on and off on the issue of dropping what he retrieves in my hand. I think I should have put more emphasis in this, while I neglected the exercise and so at 10 months Krypto still does not drop the toy in my hand, and he does not retrieve his tug toy.

So today I opened a brand new bag of amazing liver treats, I took out Krypto’s tug toy, and I set out to accomplish something. I sat on the floor of the living room, treats on one side, Krypto and tug toy on the other. And I started tugging with Krypto. When he was very excite, I let the tug go. Then I showed him my hand. And finally he did it! He dropped the tug toy in my hand! And he got a treat and lots of praise. So I tried again, and again, then I started throwing the tug, not too far at first, then farther and farther. And it worked!

Krypto finally retrieves the tug toy at the command “tu me l’donne?”. Ok, I could have been more economical with words, but now it is done and it works, so that’s fine with us!!

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