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Teaching directionals

Despite my great respect for Susan Garret, I have not been successful in teaching my dogs directionals by using her method, consisting, in a nutshell, of random taps on the shoulder of the dog, with added verbal cues. I had tried it with Pongo a long time ago, and after several weeks he still had no clue what I wanted. Since Pongo does not tug, I then used the very old food lure to have him understand the “left” and “right” commands, with a reasonable success (reasonable because I did not invest much time in this).

I did try SG method with Krypto, but again with no success.
So I decided to go back to the old method shown by Greg Derrett, and I used a tug toy to have Krypto turn right. I also went back to the old school and I taught one directional first, and once that was understood, I started with the other. So in a couple of sessions Krypto knew to turn right at the verbal command “right”. We are now working on “left”, which seems to be a bit more difficult for him to grasp.

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